Competition No.66

Starts:March 16th, 2009 00:00
Ends:March 30th, 2009 00:00 (ended)
Variant:TinyAngband 0.0.3
Save file:Download starting save file
TinyAngband is based on XAngband, however, many features were changed, simplified and rearranged.
Notable features:
Morgoth is on the 27th floor and Sauron guards the 26th floor.
Valar (similar to chaos patrons) reward you at every level up.

If you are veteran player, you can win in two or three hours.

Eomer is not just any Human Warrior, but the 18th King of Rohan, resurrected for your playing pleasure.

Least play time to kill Morgoth wins the competition, or failing that max exp/play time.

TinyAngband can be downloaded from

Savefile submitted by Paul Blay.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Eomer IIevaristeHuman Warrior2972,9676,464271 comment28.3.2009 23:00 updated
2Eomer IVdrchungHuman Warrior3092,2227,330271 comment29.3.2009 05:55 updated
3EomerevaristeHuman Warrior31100,27911,754271 comment26.3.2009 02:12 updated
4Eomer IIIdrchungHuman Warrior32160,02012,853271 comment28.3.2009 15:28 updated
5Eomer IIIiksHuman Warrior32191,01714,926271 comment25.3.2009 13:23 updated
6Bloody EomerdrchungHuman Warrior32164,36621,482272 comments25.3.2009 17:44
7HomerDonald JonkerHuman Warrior33250,55922,7432811 comments25.3.2009 22:31
8Eomer IIIDaniel FishmanHuman Warrior35434,70324,578275 comments21.3.2009 01:18
9Eomer IVKadolesHuman Warrior34282,51978,590284 comments27.3.2009 14:02
10Eomer IVDaniel FishmanHuman Warrior33205,75012,087262 comments25.3.2009 18:06 updated
11EomerDaniel FishmanHuman Warrior32177,98813,318231 comment19.3.2009 18:24 updated
12EomeriksHuman Warrior32186,95315,097273 comments19.3.2009 10:38
13Eomer IDaniel FishmanHuman Warrior32158,71914,772245 comments17.3.2009 17:06
14Eomer IIiksHuman Warrior2957,7007,261223 comments23.3.2009 10:51
15EomerdrchungHuman Warrior2973,37711,524267 comments20.3.2009 21:16
16Cba IMrCbaHuman Warrior2515,3374,997184 comments26.3.2009 18:36
17Eomer VKadolesHuman Warrior2515,2545,214191 comment28.3.2009 06:57 updated
18EomerKadolesHuman Warrior2964,21626,011252 comments22.3.2009 20:54
19Eomer Says DohShinedogHuman Warrior2516,44110,517171 comment25.3.2009 22:37 updated
20EomerPaulBlayHuman Warrior182,9544,344151 comment17.3.2009 19:38 updated

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