The Angband Ladder: Nimble Jalaan, Vampire Rogue by <>

  [Hengband 1.6.2 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Nimble Jalaan

 Sex      : Female           Age               106    STR!:  18/***
 Race     : Vampire          Height             65    INT!:  18/***
 Class    : Rogue            Weight            144    WIS!:  18/120
 Magic    : Craft            Social Class        4    DEX!:  18/***
                             Align         Chaotic    CON!:  18/***
                                                      CHR!:  18/110

 Right hand      (+94,+56)   Hit point    -23/1125    Fighting    : Amber [27]
                             SP (Mana)    219/ 417    Bows/Throw  : Amber [40]
 Blows/Round           7+0                            Saving Throw: Chaos Rank
 AverageDmg/Rnd     1125+0   Level              50    Stealth     : Amber [12]
                             Experience   29780330
 Shooting        (+57,+20)   Max Exp      30181962    Perception  : Chaos Rank
 Multiplier          x0.00   Exp to Adv      *****    Searching   : Chaos Rank
 Shots/Round          1.00   Gold           672429    Disarming   : Amber [10]
                                                      Magic Device: Amber [10]
 AC              [45,+125]   Time     Day 37 21:09
 Speed               (+26)   Play time    34:47:13    Infra-Vision: 80 feet

                         (Character Background)
          In life you were a Necromancer.  You have jet-black hair,
          eyes like red coals, and a deathly pale complexion.

          ...You were killed by a Skull druj on level 684 of Hell.

 Sex   : Female        Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Vampire       STR!: 18/130  3  2 -1 10 18/***         .4...3...3...
 Class : Rogue         INT!: 18/120  3  1  1  7 18/***         s.....34.....
 Level : 50            WIS!: 18/100 -1 -2 -1  6 18/120         ......3..3...
 Hits  : -23/1125      DEX!: 18/110 -1  3  2 12 18/***         .......4..44.
 Mana  : 219/417       CON!:  18/70  1  1 -1 14 18/***         .4...3.4.3...
                       CHR!:  18/70  2 -1 -1  4 18/110         .......4.....
           }                        }                            }
         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : .*........+..    Sound : .+.....+.....    Speed     : ..+.+.+..+.+#
 Elec  : .......*.+...    Nether: ..+.........+    FreeAction: .++..+..+.++.
 Fire  : .........+..#    Nexus : ...........+.    SeeInvisi.: .....+++++...
 Cold  : .......*.+..+    Chaos : .+....+..+...    Hold Life : ......+++...+
 Poison: .+..........+    Disnch: .......+.....    Warning   : .............
 Light : .........+...v   Fear  : +......+....#    SlowDigest: .............
 Dark  : .........+..*    Reflct: .............    Regene.   : ....++...+...
 Shard : ..+..........    AuFire: .............    Levitation: ...........+.
 Blind : .........+...    AuElec: .............    Perm Lite : .....+...+..+
 Conf  : ......+..+...    AuCold: .............    Cursed    : .............

                                  }                              }
             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : +..    Telepathy : ........+....    Add Blows   : ...+.........
 Slay Und. : +..    ESP Evil  : .............    Add Tunnel  : +............
 Slay Demon: +..    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .....+.......
 Slay Drag.: ...    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .............
 Slay Human: ...    ESP Undead: .............    Add Stealth : ..+.....+....
 Slay Anim.: ...    ESP Demon : .............    Add Search  : .......++....
 Slay Orc  : ...    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: ...    ESP Human : .............    Riding      : .............
 Slay Giant: ...    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: ...    ESP Orc   : .............    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: ...    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: ...    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .............
 Cold Brand: ...                                 Econom. Mana: .............
 Poison Brd: ...    Sust Str  : .............
 Sharpness : +..    Sust Int  : +............    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : .............    Rnd.Teleport: .......+.....
 Vampiric  : ...    Sust Dex  : ...........+.    Aggravate   : .............
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : .............    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: +..    Sust Chr  : .............


  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  3
  Warg problem                             (Danger  level:   5) - level 10
  The Borshin                              (Dungeon level:   6) - level 16
  Ufthak of Cirith Ungol                   (Dungeon level:  12) - level 16
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 17
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 26
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 26
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 26
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 28
  The Mimic's Treasure                     (Danger  level:  25) - level 28
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 28
  Vapor Quest                              (Danger  level:  25) - level 28
  Tengu and Death Swords                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 29
  The Cloning Pits                         (Danger  level:  45) - level 33
  The Old Castle                           (Danger  level:  50) - level 38
  Strygalldwir                             (Dungeon level:  38) - level 45
  Garm, Guardian of Hel                    (Dungeon level:  44) - level 45
  The Lernean Hydra                        (Dungeon level:  50) - level 45
  The Yamata-no-Orochi                     (Dungeon level:  56) - level 45
  Caine, the Conspirator                   (Dungeon level:  62) - level 46
  Pazuzu, Lord of Air                      (Dungeon level:  76) - level 47
  Cerberus, Guardian of Hades              (Dungeon level:  88) - level 50
  Oberon                                   (Danger  level:  99) - level 50
  Serpent of Chaos                         (Danger  level: 100) - level 50

< Failed Quest >
  Gachapin                                 (Dungeon level:  24) - level 25

  [Last Messages]

> You are engulfed in a whirlpool.
> The Greater mummy shrugs off the attack.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> The Zephyr Lord flinches.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> The Hell hound of Julian yelps in pain.
> The Eye druj shrugs off the attack. <x3>
> The Nightwalker ignores the attack.
> The Zephyr Lord flinches.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> The Demilich ignores the attack.
> The Nightcrawler ignores the attack. <x2>
> The Skull druj ignores the attack.
> The Eye druj ignores the attack.
> The Skull druj ignores the attack.
> The Zephyr Lord ignores the attack.
> The Nightwalker ignores the attack.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> The Air hound howls in pain.
> The Eye druj ignores the attack.
> The Nightwalker ignores the attack.
> The Undead beholder barely notices.
> The Zephyr Lord ignores the attack.
> The Nightcrawler ignores the attack. <x2>
> The Nightwalker ignores the attack.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> The Air hound howls in pain.
> The Hound of Tindalos snarls with pain.
> Screen dump saved.
> Why is it some of us are here just so that we'll die?
> Goodbye, Jalaan!

  [Miscellaneous Information]

 Recall Depth:
    Angband         : level 116
   !Yeek cave       : level  13
   !Orc cave        : level  23
   !Labyrinth       : level  18
   !Dragon's lair   : level  72
   !Graveyard       : level  70
   !Forest          : level  32
   !Volcano         : level  60
    Hell            : level 684
   !Numenor         : level  75
   !R'lyeh          : level  96
   !Mountain        : level  50
   !Chameleon cave  : level  45

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           OFF
 Small Levels:       OFF
 Arena Levels:       OFF
 Num. Random Quests: 10

 Arena: Defeated by Great Wyrm of Power in the 38th fight

 You have defeated 9861 enemies.


Your alighnment : Chaotic

You are the polar opposite of Honour.
You are a great champion of Unlife.
You are an arch-enemy of Mysticism.
You are an arch-enemy of Patience.
You are very virtuous in Justice.
You are a great champion of Valour.
You are the polar opposite of Compassion.
You are a great champion of Sacrifice.


 Your gaze is hypnotic.

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Diamond Edge '*ZANTETSUKEN*' (7d6) (+27,+21) (+4) {Dg;Fe|SM/*UL(In}
b) The Small Metal Shield of Thorin [5,+21] (+4) {StCn;*Ac;PoSoCa;Fa}
c) The Gun 'Crimson' (x0) (+20,+20) (+4 to speed) {SpSl;ShNt;Fa}
d) a Ring of Extra Attacks (+2 attacks)
e) a Ring of Speed and Regeneration (+12) {Sp;Rg}
f) The Necklace of the Dwarves (+3) {StCnIf;FaSiRgLu}
g) The Jewel of Judgement (+3 to speed) (charging) {Ungoliant SpInWi;CfCa;SiHl}
h) The Gold Dragon Scale Mail of Soul Freeze (-2) [30,+18] (+4 to searching)
i) The Cloak of Jack of Shadow [1,+19] (+7 to stealth) {L33 SlSr;FaSiHl~Tele}
j) The Golden Crown of Amber [0,+15] (+3) {Pazuzu
k) The Set of Cesti of Fingolfin (+10,+10) [5,+20] (+4) {Dx;Ac;Fa}
l) The Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Shiva's Avatar (+5,+5) [4,+16] (+4 to
speed) {SpDx;Nx;FaLv(Dx}

  [Character Inventory]

a) 4 Craft Spellbooks [Handbook for Pupils] {@ma!k}
b) 4 Craft Spellbooks [Grade Holder's Book] {@mb!k}
c) 2 Craft Spellbooks [Note of Acting Master] {@mc!k}
d) a Craft Spellbook [Spiritual Enlightenment] {@md!k}
e) 20 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {50% off}
f) 13 Potions of Healing {!q}
g) a Potion of *Healing* {!q}
h) 16 Potions of Restore Life Levels {!q}
i) a Potion of Intelligence
j) 16 Scrolls of Teleportation {!r}
k) 5 Rods of Perception {@z6}
l) 3 Rods of Recall
m) 6 Rods of Detection {@z3}
n) 3 Rods of Healing {!z}
o) 10 Rods of Stone to Mud {@z7}
p) 5 Staffs of Healing (5x 4 charges) {!u}
q) 3 Staffs of *Destruction* (3x 4 charges) {!u}
r) 2 Staffs of *Destruction* (2x 3 charges) {!u}

  [Home Inventory]

 ( page 1 )
a) 10 Craft Spellbooks [Handbook for Pupils] {@ma!k}
b) 23 Craft Spellbooks [Grade Holder's Book] {@mb!k}
c) 65 Craft Spellbooks [Note of Acting Master] {@mc!k}
d) 4 Craft Spellbooks [Spiritual Enlightenment] {@md!k}
e) 29 Mushrooms of Restoring {!E}
f) 16 Potions of Speed {25% off}
g) 22 Potions of Heroism
h) 2 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
i) 86 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {25% off}
j) 39 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds {50% off}
k) 37 Potions of Healing {!q}
l) 21 Potions of *Healing* {!q}

 ( page 2 )
a) 10 Potions of Life {!q}
b) 13 Potions of Restore Mana
c) 16 Potions of Restore Life Levels {90% off}
d) a Potion of Strength
e) 5 Potions of Intelligence
f) 9 Potions of Dexterity {!q}
g) 5 Potions of Constitution {!q}
h) 2 Potions of Charisma
i) a Potion of Augmentation
j) 19 Potions of Enlightenment
k) a Potion of *Enlightenment*
l) a Potion of Self Knowledge

 ( page 3 )
a) 2 Potions of Curing
b) a Potion of Invulnerability
c) 6 Potions of New Life {!q}
d) 25 Scrolls of Phase Door
e) 19 Scrolls of Teleportation {!r}
f) 31 Scrolls of Identify {@r1}
g) 51 Scrolls of Holy Chant
h) a Scroll of Rune of Protection
i) 24 Scrolls of *Destruction* {!r}
j) 7 Scrolls of Genocide
k) 8 Scrolls of Mass Genocide
l) a Scroll of *Acquirement*

 ( page 4 )
a) 14 Rods of Trap Location {@z1}
b) 6 Rods of Door/Stair Location {@z2}
c) 3 Rods of Recall
d) 8 Rods of Illumination {@z5}
e) a Rod of Teleport Other
f) 3 Wands of Stone to Mud (32 charges)
g) a Wand of Dragon's Frost (5 charges)
h) a Staff of Perception (21 charges)
i) a Staff of Perception (15 charges)
j) a Staff of Starlight (8 charges)
k) 2 Staffs of Enlightenment (2x 11 charges) {!s!d!k}
l) 2 Staffs of Enlightenment (2x 10 charges) {!s!d!k}

 ( page 5 )
a) a Staff of Enlightenment (8 charges) {!s!d!k}
b) a Staff of Object Location (15 charges)
c) a Staff of Genocide (3 charges)
d) 7 Staffs of *Destruction* (7x 5 charges) {!u}
e) a Ring of Free Action
f) 2 Rings of Constitution (+4)
g) a Ring of Damage (+13)
h) a Ring of Damage (+8)
i) a Ring of Speed and Ball Lightning (+11) {Sp}
j) 3 Rings of Speed (+10)
k) a Ring of Speed (+9)
l) 5 Rings of Speed (+8) {Atlas}

 ( page 6 )
a) 4 Rings of Speed (+6)
b) a Ring of Speed (+5)
c) a Ring of Speed (+4)
d) The Ring 'Frakir' (+1)
e) The Ring of Power (Vilya) (+12,+12) (+3)
f) 4 Rings of Light and Darkness Resistance {!s!d!k}
g) a Ring of Nexus Resistance and Damage (+0,+4)
h) 2 Rings of Nexus Resistance
i) a Ring of Sound Resistance
j) 2 Rings of Shard Resistance
k) a Ring of Chaos Resistance
l) a Ring of Lordly Protection [+16]

 ( page 7 )
a) a Ring of Reinforce Muscle (+4)
b) a Ring of Reinforce Muscle (+3)
c) The Amulet of Carlammas (+2) {Cn;Fi}
d) The Amulet of Ingwe (+3)
e) 3 Amulets of Anti-Magic {!s!d!k}
f) an Amulet of Resistance {AcElFiCoDi}
g) an Amulet of Resistance
h) an Amulet of Telepathy
i) The Amulet of Faramir (+12,+0) (+3) {Sl;Cf(Dx}
j) The Torque of Boromir (+0,+8)
k) The Bead 'Yasaka-no-Magatama' (+3) {InChSr;ElFiCo;FaSi}
l) The Inro of Mito Koumon (+2) {InWiChSrIf;Si}

 ( page 8 )
a) an Amulet of Magic Device Mastery and See Invisible (+2) {!tMd;Si}
b) The Amulet of The Pitch Dark Night [+5] (+4) {SlSr;Dk;SiLu}
c) The Amulet of Sacred Knights [+10] (+2) {StWi;CfCa;FaSiHlRgBs}
d) The Collar Harness of the Hell (+15,+15) [-5] (-2) {SpInWiChSl;DkNt;SiAg~L}
e) The Charmed Pendant [+5] (+2) (charging) {InChSrIf;FaSiSdRgLuWr[FEC}
f) The Pendant of Gogo (+4) {InWiDx;SiLu}
g) a Feanorian lamp of Immortal Eye {Bl;Si}
h) The Stone of Lore
i) The Palantir of Westernesse (+3) {WiCh~Tele}
j) The Metal Scale Mail of Julian (-2) [15,+40] (+4) {StCh;AcElFiCoDkCaDi~Z}
k) The Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [14,+15] (+2) {StCh;AcElFiCoShNxFe}
l) The Augmented Chain Mail of Caspanion (-2) [16,+20] (+3) {InWiCn;AcPoCfNt}

 ( page 9 )
a) The Metal Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2)
b) The Full Plate Armour of Isildur [25,+25] (+2) {Cn;AcElFiCoCfSoNx}
c) The Mithril Chain Mail of Lohengrin (-1) [28,+20] (+4 to stealth)
d) The Robe of Incanus [2,+20] (+3) {InWiSr;AcElFiCo;MaFaSiLv(InWi}
e) The Soft Leather Armour 'Hithlomir' [4,+20] (+4 to stealth)
f) The Rhino Hide Armour of the Archpriest (-1) [8,+16] (+4 to searching)
g) The Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth' (-1) [11,+25] (+3)
h) a Shadow Cloak of Protection [6,+18]
i) a Shadow Cloak [6,+12]
j) a Shadow Cloak [6,+9]
k) The Small Metal Shield 'Ebatarbel' [5,+14] (+4) {InDx(StIn}
l) The Large Leather Shield of Celegorm [6,+20] {AcElFiCoLiDkBl}

 ( page 10 )
a) a Large Leather Shield of Resistance [6,+8] {!s!d!k;AcElFiCoLi}
b) a Dragon Shield of Reflection [8,+14] {PoLiDkSh;Rf}
c) a Dragon Shield of Reflection [8,+15] {AcShBlCa;Rf}
d) a Knight's Shield of Resistance [10,+12] {AcElFiCoPoCa}
e) The Mirror 'Yata-no-Kagami' [0,+18] (+3)
f) an Iron Crown of Might [0,+9] (+3) {StDxCn;Sh;Fa(StDxCn}
g) The Jewel Encrusted Crown of Numenor [0,+15] (+3) {InDxCh;LiShSo;Lu}
h) a Jewel Encrusted Crown of Might [0,+11] (+2) {StDxCn;Li;Fa(StDxCn}
i) The Massive Iron Crown of Chaos [0,+0] (+125) {cursed,
j) The Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' (+18,+18) [5,+10] (-1)
k) The Steel Helm of Nimue (+3,+2) [6,+19] (+3 to speed) {BM SpChSl;Nt(Ch}
l) The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+20] (+3) {StDxCn;AcNx}

 ( page 11 )
a) a Dragon Helm of Balance [8,+17] {AcDkShSoCaDi}
b) The Set of Leather Gloves 'Cammithrim' [1,+10]
c) a Set of Gauntlets of Genji (+8,+0) [2,+10] (+2) {BM Dx}
d) The Set of Gauntlets of Thanos (-11,-12) [2,+0] (+2) {cursed,
e) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+14] {LiBlNxDiFe}
f) a Set of Cesti of Magic Mastery [5,+10] (+3)
g) The Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Diamond [3,+12] (+4) {StWi;Ac;Rg}
h) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Free Action [3,+3]
i) The Dagger of Fiona (2d4) (+7,+9) (+2) {AtSpDx;Co;ThSiSdRg|CoP}
j) The Main Gauche of Maedhros (2d5) (+12,+15) (+3) {SpInDx;FaSiHl/TP~oTP}
k) The Main Gauche 'Tinythorn' (1d5) (+18,+12) (+3) {InCh;Nx;FaSiRg/*}
l) The Rapier 'Quickthorn' (1d7) (+27,+12) (+3 attacks) {AtDx;CaDi;FaSi/U}

 ( page 12 )
a) The Small Sword 'Sting' (1d6) (+10,+8) (+2 attacks)
b) The Small Sword 'Excalibur Jr.' (2d6) (+3,+5) (+2 attacks)
c) The Broad Sword 'Chainsword' (11d5) (+14,+12) (-2) {SpDxChSl;SiAg|S/poT~poT}
d) The Long Sword of the Dawn (3d5) (+20,+20) (+3 to infravision)
e) The Long Sword 'Werewindle' (2d5) (+8,+12) (+2)
f) The Scimitar 'Soulsword' (2d5) (+9,+11) (+2 attacks)
g) a Scimitar of Slaying (5d7) (+15,+11) {|PS}
h) The Katana 'Aglarang' (8d4) (+14,+14) (+2) {AtSpDx|S(Dx}
i) The Bastard Sword of Eowyn (4d4) (+12,+16) (+4 to speed)
j) The Bastard Sword 'Calris' (5d4) (-20,+20) (+5) {cursed, Cn;Di;Ag/XD/*pTU}
k) The Falchion of Guan Yu (4d5) (+20,+20) [+5] (+3) {StDxCn|S/*p}
l) The Two-Handed Sword 'Hrunting' (4d6) (+13,+21) (+4) {St;FaLvLu|S/XP/D}

 ( page 13 )
a) The Two-Handed Sword 'Twilight' (4d6) (-40,-60) [-50] (+10 to speed)
b) The Blade of Chaos 'Doomcaller' (6d5) (+18,+28) [-50]
c) a Blade of Chaos of Slay Demon (6d5) (+5,+4) {99% off}
d) The Spear of Hagen (1d6) (+11,+13) (+3 to speed)
e) The Broad Spear of Destiny (2d9) (+15,+15) (+4)
f) The Glaive of Pain (9d6) (+6,+30)
g) The Battle Axe of Balli Stonehand (3d8) (+8,+11) [+5] (+3)
h) a Heavy Lance (Holy Avenger) (4d8) (+17,+17) [+4] (+3) {Cavalry/Beastmaster
i) The Nunchaku of Xiaolong (4d3) (+20,+12) [+10] (+3)
j) The Mace 'Taratol' (3d4) (+12,+12) {*El|E/XD}
k) a Bo Staff of Slaying (4d12) (+11,+11) { }
l) The Tetsubo of Shuten-douji (4d7) (+0,+20) [+10] (+6) {St;Fe}

 ( page 14 )
a) The Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10]
b) The Mattock of Nain (3d8) (+12,+18) (+6 to searching)
c) The Sling of Buckland (x3) (+19,+15) (+3 to speed) {Sp;DkBlCfFe;Xm}
d) The Long Bow 'Belthronding' (x3) (+20,+22) (+3) {DxSl;Di;Xs}
e) The Long Bow of Yoichi (x4) (+40,+13) (+4)
f) The Light Crossbow 'Burning Hammer' (x4) (+10,+16) {AcElFiPoNxCa;LuXm(In}
g) 29 Iron Shots of Shocking (1d3) (+8,+8)
h) 40 Iron Shots (1d3) (+0,+0) {@f1}
i) 23 Mithril Shots of Hurt Dragon (4d3) (+10,+9)
j) 78 Mithril Shots (4d3) (+6,+6) {@f1}
k) 38 Mithril Shots (4d3) (+6,+6) {@f1}
l) 22 Mithril Shots (4d3) (+4,+7)


 ( page 1 )
a) The Chain Mail of Agony (-2) [14,-18] (-6) {cursed, StDxCnCh;CaFe;Ag[M.}

  [Check Sum: "b4eb8b67d62a4e05ec"]

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Last updated on 22.7.2005 15:57

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24. on the Hengband Ladder (of 692)
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On 9.7.2005 04:46 wrote:
I really meant to take a break from Heng ... Honest I did :-)
Here is a rogue who has been quite lucky so far. Found an early RoS +5 and the Black Market stocked a +3 Speed random artifact helm. Of course, getting Jack's cloak wasn't bad either.

I'm in the Cloning Pits at them moment, and entering this quest at CL31 is pure folly!! Utgard-Loke is about ... yikes! I think I might be able to take him. Not many characters at my level can go +18 speed with an AC of 192!

But we'll see ... my next post might be a death dump, in which case I really will be taking a break ... Wish me luck.

On 9.7.2005 05:23 wrote:
Done, but the cost was severe. All 8 of my potions of healing were spent (I have more at home, but I thought 8 would be enough for the quest as I rarely need any). Yet the rewards were great, as I now stand before you at +15 base speed :-)

Utgard was right by the queen ants, but all were a sleep. So I teleported the big giant away and stealthily dispatched the royal insects. When I rejoined Utgard, he was kind enough to summon a Greater Titan on his first move. Double Yikes. The Titan, in turn, summoned a slew of monsters, including Charybdis. The last monster cost me 5 potions of healing, as 2 were destroyed, and 3 consumed while under a Heavy Stun (anybody guess what's after a Heavy Stun??)

I had a rogue find Xiaolong before and he loved it. Being under 5lbs, an extra attack is granted. Plus, it is contributing to my now amazing Amber[25] stealth!! Geez, I almost feel like a ninja :-)

I really need more CON and HP before moving to the Dragon's Lair and Castle quests, but we'll see ...

On 9.7.2005 14:24 wrote:
OK, OK, I know. Another post after only 20 minutes of playtime from the last, but OMFG, check out that Rand Art armour I just got from a Great Ice Wyrm!!!!! WOW!

On 9.7.2005 15:27 wrote:
Oh, no, double immunity and disenchant resistance and +4 to constitution? That's something I just can't believe... I really wonder why it does't have aggravation ;)

On 9.7.2005 15:42 wrote:
Or Antimagic :-) I once found the most awesome set of Dragon Gloves ... In fact here they are:
e) The Set of Dragon Gloves of Diomedes (+4,+9) [4,+24] (+4 to speed) {Caine L98 SpStDxCn;LiDiFe;FaWr[M(Wi}

But alas, Rocky was a ninja, and Antimagic was just too much ;-)

On 9.7.2005 21:01 wrote:
Still heavily working the Dragon's Lair. Always always always keep your eye on the Black Market, you never know what you might be able to buy! Me, I was able to purchase some nice gauntlets of Genji. Currently I am using Sting for Light resistance and stat boosts (wouldn't mind using Fiona, with 8 attacks) and Xioalong for Speed, Stealth, Fire Resistance and 6 attacks. Not too bad, but not overwhelming either.

I've worked my way to the bottom of the Dragon's Lair where I plan to hang out killing greated Dragon's. This should yield a better Ring of Speed. Eventually, when I feel up to it, I'll dispatch Tiamat and return to Angband. With PassWall, Double Resistance, +27 speed and a 209 AC, she should not put up too much of a fight. Of course I would like more HP, though, and my birth CON of 18/70 does not help matters; nor does only finding a single potion of CON the entire game (can you guess where??? That's right, the Black Market!)

On 9.7.2005 22:45 wrote:
I slightly better pose for the ladder ... and to comment that the Sword of the Dawn ain't half bad. Never actually used it before!

On 10.7.2005 03:20 wrote:
Who would have thought that I couldn't wield the Crown of Amber due to a lack of Acid resistance?? Hammerhand has never been quite so essential before :-)

That's OK, though, as the only loss is the +3 speed and the 700hp healing activation as I have all other resistances covered.

I'm on a level now with 2 unidentified Rings of Speed in a big vault ... so perhaps, if I can get to them, things will improve shortly. But the going has been pretty good with my current equipment. Heck, I even have the *thorn combo sitting at home gathering dust ... The damage just didn't seem worthwhile and I lost essential Fire and Light resistances, not too mention the speed/stealth boost from Xiaolong.

My ideal dual wielding combo would be Ringil and Vorpal blade. As you can see, I can go too almost +80 to hit with spells and such, so I'm quite effective at dual wielding. We'll see how lucky I get, as I think perhaps the Sword of the Dawn is the best I can muster ;-)

On 10.7.2005 04:10 wrote:
Grooooooooo. Groooooooooooo.
My all time favorite rogue weapon :-) Suitably enchanted of course. Now, I'm still a beginner, but I'm sure I'll build my skill with this awesome weapon up in no time :-)

On 10.7.2005 17:29 wrote:
Finally made it to CL50, thanks to some risk taking in R'lyeh. Found a demon pit *filled* with Star-spawn, Lords of Change, Keepers of Secrets, Bloodthirsters and the like. Managed to kill 18 Star-spawn, among other high demons, netting 4 rings of speed and 1.5 million XP. Eventually I was just too stupid to continue, but all in all, this was not a bad way to level up :-)

Really want Tulkas, and perhaps a better Ring of Speed. I think I'll hang out in R'lyeh for a bit, since I'm not quite ready for the L88 quest.

On 10.7.2005 19:44 wrote:
Scared of the DL88 quest ... Surely it would be either the Destroyer or the Unicorn! But, it was only Cerberus, who is about 20x easier than either of the monsters I expected.

Found TerrorMask, which is really only useful for dispatching Amberites ... and perhaps showing off for the Ladder, which I am doing now. This pose is as all-out as I can go, as I am heroic, chanting, berserking, and "TerrorMasking" :-) I'll try not too show off too much though, as the mask has a certain curse ... and wouldn't that be ironic if I died while posing ;-)

On 10.7.2005 22:07 wrote:
Starting to really love mana branding ... just took out Nyarlathotep with a freezing katana! I took 467hp of damage while he took 8910 ... Not bad ;-)

On 10.7.2005 23:09 wrote:
Well, I think that's it for this weekend, so I thought I'd squeeze in one more update.

Finally, finally, finally found the last required potion of constitution. It took some burgling, but now, my con is maxxed out. Only the second !oCon found in the dungeon all game!! (I bought 3 in the black market, and I suppose you might count the 2 potions of augmentation I found ... )

I really like this stage of the game. With the Jewel, I light up the level and look for interesting goodies. With the palantir, I look for interesting monsters ... Current level has 3 of the 4 remaining Amberites (of course Oberon is the 4th, and he's not here :-) I think they all will die ... funny thing is that I've only been blood cursed twice so far. Hmmmm...

On 11.7.2005 11:51 Mars wrote:
Does the 'Terror Mask' randomly have TY curse or something? Or is it class dependent? My warrior found it without TY curse, just (heavily?) cursed and aggravation, and has been his wearing it since he found it. The antimagic and +18 bonuses are damn fine!

On 11.7.2005 15:07 wrote:
You guessed it ... It is class dependent. Warriors, Berserkers and Cavalry do not get the TY_CURSE. I didn't think they got a heavy curse or aggravate either?? Seriously though, I put the darn thing back in my home and switched to the amulet ... no stupid deaths, please :-)

Anyone have thoughts on using Chainsword for Oberon?

On 15.7.2005 15:05 wrote:
Destroyer: An epic battle, as always. Took 9 potions of healing, 8 charges from a staff of healing and 2 charges from a rod of healing. Plus all my CCW. Forgot my scrolls of Phase Door, so I battled next to it for an extra turn here or there (Teleport is riskier), which was dumb. I was down to ~220hp once. Oh, focus is the key. Teleport away and *Destruction* plus Healing. I used all 10 charges on my staves of *Destruction* ... never mind what other uniques I saw lurking on that level ;-)

Shuma-Gorath: Piece of cake. Not sure why this guy has such a bad wrap ... Fire Branding and Chainsword. VROOM! VROOM!

Loki: Another easy kill. Frost Branding and Chainsword. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

I think I'll keep Chainsword in my back pocket for the moment :-)

On 15.7.2005 16:42 wrote:
Well, I've been humbled a bit ... And by Oberon of all monsters. Very nearly died a couple of times. A craft user is very vulnerable to dispel magic (My prep work consists of Heroism, Stone Skin, Resistance, Haste Self, Walk Thru Wall and Holy Chant ... and Oberon Dispel Magic'd on his first move like 8 times ... Geez). That, coupled with Oberon's drain mana attack often left me with no escape other than teleport, and the level, while full size, was very small, with one gigantic room (filled with about 200 monsters including Chaos Hounds, a Jabberwock, The Mouth of Sauron, Inertia Hounds, etc. etc.) At one point, I teleported away from Oberon with 500hp, and landed right smack in this room. Could easily have died since the Mouth has Mana Storms. Oberon also had numerous double moves. I think he managed 800+hp of damage against me in a single round at one point ... took me down to 115hp, but I still had my passwall up at that point, and could simply back away. Very tough battle, and I don't think I've ever died at Oberon's hands, but this time, I came very very close.

Only used one potion of *Healing* and no potions of Healing, though :-)

On 15.7.2005 16:46 wrote:
Oh, and I put Chainsword away. I *need* my stealth back!!

On 15.7.2005 17:21 wrote:
[1] Always check your equipment before a major battle. I forgot Phase Door *again*. Phasing is much safer than Teleport, especially if you prep a nice long zig zag corridor first.

[2] Remember your abilities. For some reason, I keep forgetting about Hit and Away. This is the correct response to Dispel Magic, of course, but it requires that [3] be performed as well. Hit and Away would have been very useful against the Destroyer as well ...

[3] Always "clear" the level first. This goes for the battle with the Serpent as well. No way I should have left that big room in tact ... I had 15 charges of *Destruction* ... Use Them! (I went down stairs and there was Oberon. Gee, with Chainsword, he'll be dead in a turn or two ... Not!)

[4] Chainsword was probably a mistake given that [3] was not performed, nor was [1]. So, with nothing but Teleport, I was bound to land in the vicinity of some bunch of "Aggravated" monsters. If you are a rogue, then play like one ;-) Not saying I could not have used Chainsword, its just that alot of preparation is required beforehand.

You know, it was the Berserker class that got me hooked on Hengband. I guess in many ways, I'm still a Berserker at heart. Way too one dimensional ... sigh.

On 21.7.2005 03:29 wrote:
Back to my rogue for a bit. I didn't really see a point to pushing for the ?oArtifact Creation, given my lack of flexibility with equipment. However, upon finding a Diamond Edge, I decided to conquer the mountain for the 2 remaining bird-uniques. I must say I'm quite pleased with the results :-) Perhaps I should return to single wielding (Cambeleg... Where are you??)

On 21.7.2005 03:31 wrote:
Forgot too inscribe the artifact ... also, see attached screen shot.

On 21.7.2005 04:26 wrote:
Too much?? Well, I really want a Ring of Extra Attacks with at least +2 attacks. 853 hp/round on 5 attacks is just too small for my tastes :-)

Seriousle, I've scored some massive first blows. 5x on the sneak attack and 3.5x on the Force brand together with a vorpal or a critical is 35*(7d6). I took 8 stars of a Warp demon in just 2 hits!!

On 21.7.2005 05:49 wrote:
Here is the *WINNER* post, taken the very turn the Serpent bit the dust. Boy, he went down quick. He started to wise up towards the end of the battle, using his disintegration breath to open things up, but he was no match for the awesome power of *ZANTETSUKEN*. Looks like 5!oHealing, 1!o*Healing* and 3 charges from a rod of healing. The 1 *Healing* was taken out of laziness, the serpent being on 1 star and me just wanting to finish rather than phase door one more time.

Very fun!!! The game is oh so enjoyable when you get a totally dominant weapon!

17 uniques remain. I may stick around for the Unicorn and Morgoth, but generally, I lose interest in playing once the serpent is down.

On 21.7.2005 07:42 wrote:
Hey, congradulations! You made the Serpent look easy.

If you want one last challenge, why don't you head down to the bottom of Hell? As far as I can tell, the top of Heaven has only been reached once, and Hell hasn't been done at all.

On 21.7.2005 11:31 Mars wrote:
Congrats, seems like the Serpent hardly had a chance. Why not slice up the unicorn anyway, just to show who's the boss? (and he's arguably tougher than Serpie). That's one awesome randart dragon scale mail you got there, by the way!

On 21.7.2005 16:11 wrote:
OK, I won't be retiring right away. If you haven't checked out the Spoiler screen shot (And *don't* unless you don't mind spoilers), then let's just say that my weapon might be the best the game has ever seen ;-)

On 22.7.2005 03:23 wrote:
Morgoth and the Unicorn are down. I'll try for the ring, but I dunno ...

Thoughts on the Unicorn:
I had a tougher time against her than the Serpent (Of course Morgy is a pushover, scarcely worth mentioning ...) The obvious reason is that my damage output was dramatically reduced, as she does not meet any of my slays. Other contributing factors are
[1] The Serpent will always come towards you, boring thru walls. This is nice, since you may separate the fast Serpent from its relatively slow summons.
[2] The damn Unicorn is blink and disintegration happy. So, there were lots of wide open spaces, with her on the other side from myself, shortly to be surrounded by summons.
[3] The Serpent shatters. The earthquake effect is actually advantageous, as Phase Door will generally take you out of the LoS.

Well, I don't have the exact numbers on the resources I used, but they were probably 1.5x what I used against the Serpent. Most obvious was about 7 potions of restore mana, as I often had to waste one fighting thru Pass Wall Dragons that the unicorn summoned.

On 22.7.2005 03:30 wrote:
OK, ring down too ... Unicorn was the hardest of the three for me, but different characters will fare differently against different uniques. Pass Wall really helps against the ring, plus, it does not drain charges so I had plenty of healing. Here I am, a bit wounded and drained, but the last major unique is down. 12 uniques remain and 8 of those are dungeon masters. I think I'll go for all the uniques, just to say I've done it once in my life. Then its off to Hell, were demons, undead and evil abound, and my sword will be very, very happy :-)

On 22.7.2005 04:18 wrote:
In the arena, the GWoP breathed Nether on its first turn ... I never stood a chance, being cutoff from all my healing. Down to 500hp before my first attack ... Oh well, I know the Babble is invincible anyway, so not much was lost!

On 22.7.2005 04:59 wrote:
Hell was too much for me, it seems. I was being lazy, and teleported right next to an "open" Graveyard, no walls or anything. Full hitpoints to death before I got a turn to move. Still, the main job was done, and a winner is a winner. Guess I know why I usually stop playing once the Serpent is dead ;-)

BTW, I can't post the dump as my XP are lower than my last post ...

On 22.7.2005 15:38 wrote:
Pity about Hell, but outstanding work against the uniques. That sword really might be the best melee weapon I've ever seen in a dump. How much does a Diamond Edge weigh?

On 22.7.2005 15:57 wrote:
Attempting to get my death dump to post ... I manually changed the XP from 29578224. Of course, the Checksum is now invalid, so this probably won't come thru ... Cross your fingers.

The Diamond Edge weighs 15.0lb ... I'll note that while Force is very powerful against the big monsters, it can be annoying against swarms of tiny monsters, as you have no choice whether to use it. Running out of Mana is common :-)

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