The Angband Ladder: Kawari, Ghost Naturalist by <>

  [Steamband 0.4.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Kawari                                   Self  abcdefghijkl@   Best
 Sex    Female         Age           106  MUS:    278  .......**..*.   698
 Race   Ghost          Height         84  AGI:    543  .......*..1*.   853
 Class  Naturalist     Weight          1  VIG:    588  .......**..*.   999
 Title  ***WINNER***   Status         30  SCH:    551  5.8..8.......   761
 WP     99/99          MaxDepth  Lev   1  EGO:    700  5.....6......   810
 SP     711/711        Preserve        Y  CHR:    469  .............   469

 Level           41       Armor    [27,+280]     Saving Throw     First-rate
 Cur Exp    3792279       Blows       5/turn     Stealth       Legendary[5+]
 Max Exp    3792279       Shots       2/turn     Fighting       Legendary[1]
 Adv Exp    4050000       Infra       200 ft     Shooting               Good
                                                 Disarming         Excellent
          Stat     Skill     Weap.     Total     Magic Device           Good
 Melee (+19,+14) (+10,+10) (+12,+18) (+45,+71)   Perception    Legendary[5+]
 Shoot  (+19,+0)   (+0,+0)  (-2,+26) (+21,+26)   Searching     Legendary[5+]

     You are the Ghost of a Engineer. You have hollow eyes,
     dirty finery, and pale skin.

  [Resists & Abilities]

   Critical:+............   Fthr Fall:.......+....+   Hvy Curse:.......+.....
   Vampiric:.............   Telepathy:.......+....+    Mutation:.......+.....
      Throw:.............   See Invis:+.....++.+...    No Magic:.............
     Vorpal:.............    Free Act:++.....+..+..   No Teleprt.............
     Return:.............   Wraithfrm:.......+....+    Drain SP:.............
  Frce Brnd:.............   Hold Life:+......+.....    Drain HP:.......+.....
  Fire Brnd:+............     Reflect:.............     Disrupt:.............
  Elec Brnd:.............   Invisible:.......+.....   Drn Items:.............
  Ice Brand:.............   Res Confu:......++...+.   Drn   Exp:.......+.....
  Acid Brnd:.............   Res Blind:.........+...    Teleport:.............
  Psn. Brnd:.............    Res Fear:+.....+....+.   Aggravate:.............
  Fire :-9% ..+..+.-++.++.  Acid :74% ..+..+.+...++.  Light:27% .....++-.+.+..
  Erth :211%..+..+.+++.++.  Poisn:134%..+..+.+.+.++.  Dark :187%+....+++...+..
  Air  :131%..+..+.+++.++.  Time :78% +....+.++.....  Psi  :172%+....+++......
  Water:41% ..+..+.-++.++.  Ether:88% +....+++..+...  Tk   :152%+....+++......
  Elec :94% ..+..+.++..++.  Sound:68% .....+++......  Spirt:222%+....+++.+....
  Ice  :149%..+..+.+++.++.  Nethr:148%+....+++.+....
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
            \}=="~((["]]              \}=="~((["]]              \}=="~((["]]


   Disarming Traps 10
           Stealth 20
         Searching  3
Etheric Attunement 20
   Neophyte Combat  5
   Standard Combat 10
   Accurate Strike 10
    Vicious Strike 10
        Swift Blow 15
    Weapon Finesse 15
      Martial Arts 20
 Eagle Strike Arts 20
  Dragon Claw Arts 17
 Neophyte Firearms  1
          Throwing  1
    Hafted Weapons  1
     Blunt Weapons  1
         Iron Skin 19
             Flora 20
             Fauna  1
         Elemental 20
    Earth's Hearth 20
             Latin 13
       Occult Lore  1
      Ritual Magic  1
      Spirituality 20
            Prayer  1
    Lesser Warding 10
     Tempered Will  1
     Using Devices 15
  Advanced Devices  1
  Device Power Amp  1
        Earth Lore 20
     Earth Mastery 20
 Elemental Defense 20

  [Steamware & Mutations]

 You can fling a bolt of earth. 
 You can create a storm of earth. 

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Hammer of Van Helsing (5d3|3) (+12,+18) <+1, +3, +5>
b) a 16 Gauge Shotgun of the Gunslinger (x4) (-2,+26) <+3, +1>
c) The Ring of Edison <+8>
d) a Gold Ring of Damage (+0,+19)
e) an Oak Amulet of *Regeneration*
f) The Pocket Lantern of Sherlock Holmes [4] <+8, +4>
g) The Heavy Jacket of John Bell (-1,+0) [10,+14] <+6>
h) The Shadow Cloak of Dracula [6,+30] <+20, +14> {cursed}
i) The Bull's Tail of the Pharoahs (+5,+10) [5,+40] <+12, +5, +1>
j) The Eye of Ra [0,+32] <+10>
k) a Set of Gloves (Etheric) [1,+14] <+1>
l) The Pair of Buttoned Boots of Hans Bjelke [5,+20] <+10, +5, +1>

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Arcane Incantations [Othuum Omnicia] <+3>
b) 4 Holy Books of Prayers [Odes of Solomon] <+1>
c) a Holy Book of Prayers [The Corpus Hermeticum] <+3>
d) a "Dr. Brooks' Antimalarial" Tonic of Speed
e) 2 "W.M. Johnson's Pure Herb" Tonics of Cure Mortal Wounds
f) a "Althrop's Constitutional" Tonic of Experience
g) a Book
h) a Book
i) 19 Magnesium Hydrocid Mechanisms of Etheric Travel
j) an Iron Microphone Mechanism of *Remove Curse*
k) a Portal Generator of Returning (recharging)
l) a Round Tool of Biological Analysis (6 charges)
m) The Amulet of Arbaces <+10, +3, +8>
n) a Hunter's Uniform (Gold Woven) [14,+26] <+5>
o) a Vicuna Cheviot Dress Suit of the Daoine Sidhe (-2,+0) [20,+28] <+1>
p) a Coal Suit of Inviolability to Water (-4,+0) [30,+18]
q) a Cutlass (1d7|2) (+0,+0)
r) 30 Shotgun slugs (4d11|0) (+5,+7) (400/800)

  [Home Inventory]

a Holy Book of Prayers [The Pnakotic Manuscripts] <+2>
11 "Dr. Brooks' Antimalarial" Tonics of Speed
94 Magnesium Hydrocid Mechanisms of Etheric Travel
5 Zinc Stereophone Mechanisms of Detailed Object Analysis
15 Zirconium Macrophone Mechanisms of Power Cell
an Adjustable Tool of Celerity (13 charges)
a Glowing Tool of Etheric Travel (34 charges)
2 Moonstone Rings of Freedom of Mobility
The Ring of Dr. Materialismus <+8, +5>
an Oak Amulet of *Regeneration*
The Pectoral of the Kheper (Scarab) [+22] <+5>
The Locket of Madame Defarge <+8, +2, -4>
The Electric Lamp of Edison [3]
a Robe of the Daoine Sidhe [2,+17] <+3>
a French Percale Shirt of the Stars [6,+25] <+2>
The Top Hat of Edison [6,+24] <+8, +4, +2>
The Deerstalker of Sherlock Holmes [8,+20] <+8, +4>
The Mask 'Le Loup Blanc' [0,+12] <+12, +5, +1>
The Green-tinted Glasses of Auguste Dupin [8,+8] <+8, +4>
a Set of Silk Gloves of Slaying (+6,+7) [1,+6]
a Pike of the Deep (2d5|2) (+14,+28) [6,+0] <+3>
a Hammer (Obsidian) (2d3|1) (+16,+10) [+17] <+4>
a .45 Martini-Henry Rifle of Extra Might (x3) (+7,+13)
a Col. Moran's Air Rifle of the Safari (x3) (+25,+17) <+1>


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 6.12.2005 15:09
Last updated on 9.12.2005 07:26

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7566. on the Ladder (of 18514)
93. on the Steamband Ladder (of 318)
Third best for this player (out of 7)


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On 6.12.2005 15:09 wrote:
Trying Naturalists for a change, and was amused by the idea of an undead earth naturalist, thus this character.

The elemental spells seem to be a tad overpowered, in an amusing and colorful way. I opted to avoid the Fauna skill, due to the targeting bug with pets, and went with Flora instead; lots of utility spells, but nothing new past the 13th skill point? Ah, well.

Trivial note: the character's current class title fits her quite well, eh.

On 6.12.2005 15:27 wrote:
I found naturalists fun to play, though some of those elemental storms (especially the lightning one) are pretty darn devastating when you get them. However, as I recall, they don't scale up in power as you keep going up levels, so by the time you get to the late-game baddies, you have to hit them with multiple attacks at the same time to take them down.

On 6.12.2005 16:28 wrote:
Hmm, I suspected as much when I saw how early this character was able to easily use the storms. Ah, and there seems to be one slightly odd thing with those: the central point of the storm may be specified as any point within telepathy range, not just line-of-sight. No idea as to whether or not it's supposed to work that way, but it does seem rather unfair, as I can nuke monsters on the other side of a permanent wall with these storms as things currently stand.

On 7.12.2005 01:44 wrote:
Yeah, while most characters dread pits in Steamband, Naturalists live for them. Even the hated card pits are pretty much free exp.

On 9.12.2005 07:38 wrote:
Even more than the card pits, martian pits... Apparently they're weak against lightning damage. Oh, the xp. 2 levels in 30 seconds. Glorious.

I finally find the cloak of Dracula, and it's with a character with innate wraithform and telepathy. Of course. Certainly not annoyed at finding it, redundant or not...

Wraithform plus lightning storms is unbelievably cheap and amusing. Why on earth doesn't this class/race combination get used more? More keypress intensive by comparison to the Automaton Rogue? Do people give up upon reaching the inadvertant pun, Sup. Natur.? Really...

On 9.12.2005 15:19 wrote:
Did you really have -9% fire resist at the end? Wasn't that a problem?

I think Steamband needs to be played more in general. Perhaps another update with some balance tweaks would help.

On 9.12.2005 15:34 wrote:
Yes, I definitely had -9 fire resistance at the end. I hadn't been meleeing much of anything for a while, anyway; staying inside the walls and firing lightning storms at everything prevents almost all dangerous contact, whether from melee, breath, or magic attacks, unless there's a pack of mechanical dragons, and the one instance of such a group netted me that cloak, preventing any further awakened dragons...

That resistance problem was from the cloak of dracula; I mainly just rose like mad to 100' after I got it, avoiding any contact whatsoever. Had enough stealth (and the invisibility from the cloak) to pass by anything without being noticed (well, besides a few vampires and the end bosses). Sticking almost exclusively to the interior of the walls helped with that, of course. I never went within 4 spaces of the last few monsters I fought, including the bosses.

Balance could stand to be improved somewhat, indeed. This particular race/class combination seems highly broken. So long as you don't mind endlessly typing 'p' 'r' and hiding in walls, once you get lightning storm, you're nigh-unstoppable.

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