The Angband Ladder: Fuivie, Half-Troll Adventurer by UniqueName

  [Ironband First stable release Character Dump]

 Name   Fuivie         STR:  18/40 +4 +0  +6 18/140
 Sex    Male           INT:  18/70 -4 +0  +8 18/110
 Race   Half-Troll     WIS:     17 -3 +0  +8  18/40
 Class  Adventurer     DEX:  18/50 -2 +0  +7 18/100
 Title  **WINNER**     CON:     18 +4 +0  +6 18/100
 HP     530/594        AGI! 18/100 +0 +0  +5 18/150
 SP     104/312        STE:     12 -2 +0  -4      6
 Level  36             PER:  18/20 -2 +0  +7  18/70
 Depth  50             LUC:  18/10 -1 +0  +6  18/60

 GameTurn     1104172  Armor  [35,+141]
 PlayerTurn    167960  Fight(+15,+320%)
 Cur Exp      2607047  Melee(+27,+470%)
 Max Exp      2607047  Shoot  (+30,+18)
 Adv Exp     ********  Blows      36/10
 Gold          332339  Shots      27/10
 Burden       264 lbs  Speed        +14
 % Burden         88%  Infra      70 ft

 Your father was a Stone-Troll Warrior. You have slime-green
 eyes, dirty bright red hair, and green leprous skin.

  [Last Messages]

> You have found a trap!
> The Dread wakes up. <2x>
> The 8-headed hydra disappears!
> The Ancient chromatic dragon disappears!
> You have 20 Bolts of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10) (n).
> You have 19 Bolts of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10) (n).
> The Bolt of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10) hits The Witch-King of Angmar.
> The Witch-King of Angmar cries out feebly.
> You have 18 Bolts of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10) (n).
> The Bolt of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10) hits The Witch-King of Angmar.
> The Witch-King of Angmar is destroyed.
> A magical staircase appears...
> You have won the game!
> You may retire (commit suicide) when you are ready.

  [Character Equipment Stat Modifiers, Sustains and Flags]

(+/-) +  +++++ +++
      |}=="~[()]]]               |}=="~[()]]]
      abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@
 Str: 3..........3.        Str:  ........s...s
 Int: ....3.3..2...        Int:  .............
 Wis: ....3.3..2...        Wis:  .............
 Dex: 3.........4..        Dex:  ........s....
 Con: ......3....3.        Con:  ........s....
 Agi: ...5.........        Agi:  ...s.........
 Ste: ......2....2.        Ste:  .............
 Per: .....3.2.2...        Per:  .....s...s...
 Luc: 3...3........        Luc:  .............
      abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@ 
 Acid:....+.++..+..        Blind:........++... 
 Elec:....+........        Confu:......+...... 
 Fire:..*..........        Sound:............. 
 Cold:+...+........        Shard:............. 
 Pois:......+......        Nexus:............. 
 Fear:+......+...+.        Nethr:+............ 
 Lite:.............        Chaos:............. 
 Dark:+...........+        Disen:........+.... 
      abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@ 
S.Dig:............+        Sear.:.............
Feath:.............        Infra:....+........
PLite:.............        Tunn.:.............
Regen:............+        Aggr.:.............
Telep:.........+...        Blows:.............
Invis:....++.+.....        Shots:.+...........
FrAct:....+..+..+..        Might:.............
HLife:........+....              +............
      abcdefghijkl@              abcdefghijkl@
      |}=="~[()]]]               |}=="~[()]]] 

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Bastard Sword of Eowyn (3d4) (+12,+16) (+3 to speed)
   It increases your strength, dexterity, and luck by 3.  It
   increases your speed by 3.  It slays animals, giants, and all
   evil creatures, and it is especially deadly against undead.  
   It provides resistance to cold, fear, dark, and nether.  It
   cannot be harmed by the elements.  It gives you 36/10 attacks
   per turn.  
   It was dropped by a Master lich on dungeon level 37.
b) a Heavy Crossbow of Extra Shots (x4) (+17,+13) (+1)
   It increases your shooting speed by 1.  
   It was found in a chest on dungeon level 48.
c) a Lapis Lazuli Ring of Flames [+18]
   It provides immunity to fire.  It activates for fire ball
   (80) every 50+d50 turns.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
   It was dropped by a Young chromatic dragon on dungeon level 37.
d) a Marble Ring of Agility (+5)
   It increases your agility by 5.  It sustains your agility.  
e) The Amulet of Ingwe (+3)
   It increases your intelligence, wisdom, and luck by 3.  It
   increases your infravision by 3.  It provides resistance to 
   acid, lightning, and cold.  It grants you immunity to
   paralysis and the ability to see invisible things.  It
   activates for dispel evil (x5) every 50+d50 turns.  It cannot
   be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by The Giant Mutant Troll on dungeon level 49.
f) The Star of Elendil (+3) (charging)
   It increases your perception by 3.  It sustains your 
   perception.  It lights the dungeon around you.  It grants you 
   the ability to see invisible things.  It activates for magic
   mapping every 50+d50 turns.  It cannot be harmed by the
   It was found in a chest on dungeon level 46.
g) The Mail-coat of Caspanion (-2) [16,+18] (+3)
   It increases your intelligence, wisdom, and constitution by
   3.  It provides resistance to acid, poison, and confusion.  
   It activates for door and trap destruction every 10 turns.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger on
   dungeon level 48.
h) The Cloak of Thorongil [1,+5] (+2)
   It increases your perception by 2.  It provides resistance to 
   acid and fear.  It grants you immunity to paralysis and the
   ability to see invisible things.  It cannot be harmed by the
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 20.
i) a Tower Shield of Preservation [5,+13] {RBlind}
   It provides resistance to blindness, disenchantment, and life
   draining.  It sustains your strength, dexterity, and 
   constitution.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by a Mature blue dragon on dungeon level 37.
j) The Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+6] (+2)
   It increases your intelligence, wisdom, and perception by 2.  
   It provides resistance to blindness.  It sustains your 
   perception.  It grants you the power of telepathy.  It cannot
   be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by a Forest troll on dungeon level 25.
k) The Set of Vambraces of Fingolfin (+10,+10) [5,+13] (+4) {!!}
   It increases your dexterity by 4.  It provides resistance to 
   acid.  It grants you immunity to paralysis.  It activates for
   a magical arrow (150) every 30+d30 turns.  It cannot be
   harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by a Lesser Balrog on dungeon level 43.
l) The Pair of Metal-shod Boots of Thror [6,+13] (+3)
   It increases your strength and constitution by 3.  It
   increases your speed by 3.  It provides resistance to fear.  
   It makes you native to terrains made of acid.  It cannot be
   harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by a Cave ogre on dungeon level 25.

  [Character Equipment -- Quiver]

n) 18 Bolts of Flame (1d5) (+11,+10)
   It is branded with fire.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
o) 5 Arrows of Slay Undead (1d4) (+9,+9)
   It slays undead.  
p) 16 Arrows of Flame (1d4) (+8,+6)
   It is branded with fire.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
   They were dropped by Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger on
   dungeon level 48.
q) 13 Arrows of Slay Evil (1d4) (+8,+7)
   It slays all evil creatures.  
r) 17 Elven Arrows of Flame (4d4) (+10,+7)
   It is branded with fire.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
   They were dropped by a Mature red dragon on dungeon level 39.
s) 17 Mithril Arrows of Acid (3d4) (+9,+11)
   It is branded with acid.  It cannot be harmed by acid or fire.
   They were dropped by a Law drake on dungeon level 44.
t) a Well-balanced Throwing Axe of Vampirism (2d4) (+9,+11) {SlayOrc}
   It slays orcs.  It provides resistance to nether and life
   draining.  It can be thrown hard and fast, makes you fall
   like a feather, and allows you to feed on the life energy of
   your foes.  It gives you 33/10 attacks per turn.  
   It was dropped by a Dark elven mage on dungeon level 39.

  [Character Inventory]

a) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Magic for Beginners] {@m1@b1}
b) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Defensive Magical Theory] {@m2@b2}
c) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Intermediate Transfiguration] {@m4@b4}
d) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Mordenkainen's Faithful Compendium] {@m5@b5}
e) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Bigby's Handy Handbook] {@m6@b6}
f) 4 Books of Mage Spells [Otiluke's Damp Libram] {@m7@b7}
g) a Book of Mage Spells [Raal's Tome of Destruction] {@m8@b8}
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by a Lesser Balrog on dungeon level 48.
h) an Oily Yellow Potion of Speed
i) 4 Pungent Potions of Healing
j) a Cyan Potion of *Healing*
k) 4 Scrolls titled "vlyeep oxapp" of *Destruction*
l) a Crystalline Talisman of Healing
m) an Emerald Ring of Acid [+17]
   It provides immunity to acid.  It activates for acid ball
   (70) every 50+d50 turns.  It cannot be harmed by acid.  
   It was dropped by a Barrow wight on dungeon level 38.
n) a Fluorite Ring of Intelligence (+4)
   It increases your intelligence by 4.  It sustains your 
o) a Silver Ring of Lightning [+16]
   It provides immunity to lightning.  It activates for
   electricity ball (85) every 50+d50 turns.  It cannot be
   harmed by electricity.  
   It was dropped by a Shadow drake on dungeon level 37.
p) The Plate Armour of Isildur (-2) [25,+22] (+1)
   It increases your constitution by 1.  It provides resistance
   to acid, lightning, fire, cold, confusion, sound, and nexus.  
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by Saruman of Many Colours on dungeon level 46.
q) a Cloak of Aman [1,+5] (+2) {ImCold}
   It increases your stealth by 2.  It provides immunity to cold.
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
   It was dropped by Smaug the Golden on dungeon level 46.
r) a Berserker Axe of Westernesse (3d8) (+13,+21) (+1)
   It increases your strength, dexterity, and constitution by 1.
   It slays orcs, trolls, and giants.  It grants you immunity to
   paralysis and the ability to see invisible things.  It gives
   you 34/10 attacks per turn.  It is two-handed.  
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 33.
s) The Club 'Taratol' (2d6) (+12,+12) (charging) {!!}
   It is especially deadly against dragons.  It is branded with 
   electricity.  It provides immunity to lightning.  It
   activates for haste self (20+d20 turns) every 100+d100 turns.  
   It was dropped by a Mature gold dragon on dungeon level 30.
t) The Shortbow of Amras (x2) (+12,+15) (+1 to speed)
   It increases your intelligence, wisdom, and dexterity by 1.  
   It increases your speed, shooting speed, and shooting power
   by 1.  It provides resistance to lightning, fire, and cold.  
   It slows your metabolism.  It cannot be harmed by the
   It was lying on the floor on dungeon level 37.

Fuivie the Half-Troll Adventurer
Began the quest to kill The Witch-King of Angmar on 09/09/2010 at 08:45 PM
|    25459|     3 |  5  | Reached level 5
|    37627|     5 |  8  | Killed Wolf, Farmer Maggot's dog
|    49057|     6 | 10  | Reached level 10
|    60589|     7 | 11  | Killed Brodda, the Easterling
|    74355|     8 | 12  | Killed Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog
|    79963|     8 | 12  | Killed Orfax, Son of Boldor
|    81606|     8 | 13  | Killed Wormtongue, Agent of Saruman
|   106482|     9 | 15  | Reached level 15
|   130284|    10 | 16  | dEvil Cerevas!
|   132689|    10 | 17  | Killed Cerevas the Deranged
|   159955|    11 | 18  | Killed Bullroarer the Hobbit
|   160743|    11 | 18  | Killed Nar, the Dwarf
|   202327|    12 | 20  | Reached level 20
|   233757|    13 | 21  | Killed Grishnakh, the Hill Orc
|   234287|     7 | 21  | Found The Set of Gauntlets 'Paurnimmen'
|   237342|    13 | 21  | Killed Shagrat, the Orc Captain
|   250103|    15 | 21  | trap door
|   252614|    15 | 21  | Killed Illitha, Dark Elf Sorceress
|   252731|    15 | 21  | -Light and ?ID
|   256452|    15 | 21  | Destroyed The ghost of Tathor
|   263008|    15 | 22  | Killed Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief
|   287295|    15 | 22  | Metallic Blue Potion not dex,ste,luc,hp,sp. 
|  continued...   |     |  restore other? 
|   374857|    18 | 23  | Killed Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog
|   376220|    18 | 23  | Killed Ugluk, the Uruk
|   376229|    18 | 23  | Found The Phial of Galadriel
|   380213|    18 | 23  | Killed Ibun, Son of Mim
|   393340|    18 | 24  | Killed Lugdush, the Uruk
|   406020|    19 | 24  | Lugdush Blue DSM
|   408040|    19 | 24  | trap nether balls me
|   446400|    19 | 25  | Reached level 25
|   448406|    20 | 25  | something special
|   469003|    21 | 25  | dl21 something special
|   495617|    21 | 26  | Killed Beorn, the Shape-Changer
|   505623|    21 | 26  | Found The Well-balanced Warhammer 'Turmil'
|   522673|    22 | 26  | Killed Nugrush, the Goblin Lobber
|   536864|    13 | 26  | Found The Well-balanced Dagger 'Dethanc'
|   542351|    23 | 26  | *dVis spreading infestation and ogre pit
|   567573|    23 | 27  | Killed Ulwarth, Son of Ulfang
|   577824|    18 | 27  | Found The Pike 'Til-i-arc'
|   595525|    23 | 28  | Found The War Helm of Gorlim
|   598301|    24 | 28  | Found The Longsword 'Elvagil'
|   601228|    24 | 28  | Found The Battle Axe 'Barukkheled'
|   634162|    24 | 29  | Found The Well-balanced Dirk of Rilia
|   635323|    23 | 29  | Found The Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth'
|   637986|    25 | 29  | Killed Lokkak, the Ogre Chieftain
|   644979|    25 | 29  | Found The Pair of Metal-shod Boots of Thror
|   669056|    20 | 29  | Found The Cloak of Thorongil
|   669061|    25 | 29  | Found The Leather Cap of Thranduil
|   670784|    27 | 30  | Reached level 30
|   680494|    27 | 30  | Found The Wooden Shield of the Haradrim
|   681481|    27 | 30  | Killed Mim, Betrayer of Turin
|   683579|    27 | 30  | Killed Maglor, Son of Feanor
|   683809|    27 | 30  | Killed Mughash the Kobold Lord
|   689174|    27 | 30  | Found The Leather Jerkin 'Hithlomir'
|   735607|    30 | 31  | Killed Khim, Son of Mim
|   737810|    30 | 31  | Killed Maedhros, Son of Feanor
|   741745|    30 | 31  | Found The Club 'Taratol'
|   755348|    31 | 31  | Found The Set of Gauntlets 'Pauraegen'
|   770064|    31 | 32  | Killed Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir
|   775631|    32 | 32  | Destroyed Ardomar, Former King of Cardolan
|   783392|    33 | 32  | Destroyed Vargo, Tyrant of Fire
|   795312|    33 | 32  | Killed Kavlax the Many-Headed
|   799889|    33 | 32  | Found The Helmet of Thengel
|   799889|    33 | 32  | Found The Bastard Sword 'Fitzardis'
|   805283|    33 | 32  | Killed Scatha the Worm
|   833283|    34 | 33  | Found The Longsword 'Gwendohil'
|   837622|    34 | 33  | Destroyed Ariel, Queen of Air
|   837738|    34 | 33  | Found The Set of Gloves 'Cammithrim'
|   839726|    35 | 33  | *dVis giant pit
|   859058|    35 | 33  | Killed Uldor the Accursed
|   872296|    36 | 33  | Killed The Queen Ant
|   875401|    36 | 33  | *dVis cave dweller pit
|   875984|    36 | 33  | Killed Ulfang the Black
|   889759|    36 | 33  | Destroyed Quaker, Master of Earth
|   918227|    37 | 34  | Killed Itangast the Fire Drake
|   927567|    37 | 34  | Found The Bastard Sword of Eowyn
|   927567|    37 | 34  | Found The Shortbow of Amras
|   933635|    37 | 34  | Killed Lagduf, the Snaga
|   934835|    37 | 34  | Destroyed Ren the Unclean
|   937151|    37 | 34  | Found The Broadsword 'Orcrist'
|   949238|    38 | 34  | Found The Scythe 'Avavir'
|   950357|    38 | 34  | Killed Eol, the Dark Elf
|   954643|    38 | 35  | Reached level 35
|   957089|    38 | 35  | Destroyed Thrukur, Undead Dwarf Lord
|   959512|    38 | 35  | Found The Shortbow of Amrod
|   963137|    38 | 35  | Killed Bert the Stone Troll
|   963165|    38 | 35  | Killed Tom the Stone Troll
|   963242|    38 | 35  | Killed Bill the Stone Troll
|   964518|    38 | 35  | Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks
|   979713|    38 | 35  | Found The Jewel 'Evenstar'
|   993722|    39 | 35  | Destroyed Ji Indur Dawndeath
|   997022|    39 | 35  | Killed Sangahyando of Umbar
|  1004227|    39 | 35  | Killed Harowen the Black Hand
|  1005009|    39 | 35  | Killed Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings
|  1016885|    40 | 35  | Found The Cutlass 'Gondricam'
|  1018475|    40 | 35  | Destroyed Waldern, King of Water
|  1025447|    42 | 36  | Killed Geung, Treasurer of the Witch-King
|  1034408|    43 | 36  | Destroyed Uvatha the Horseman
|  1037772|    43 | 36  | Destroyed The Balrog of Moria
|  1039559|    43 | 36  | Found The Set of Vambraces of Fingolfin
|  1052455|    44 | 36  | Found The Set of Gauntlets 'Paurnen'
|  1052455|    44 | 36  | Found The Well-balanced Dagger 'Nimthanc'
|  1057651|    44 | 36  | Found The Hauberk of Arvedui
|  1064066|    45 | 36  | Killed Medusa, the Gorgon
|  1073387|    45 | 36  | Destroyed Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw
|  1076480|    46 | 36  | Killed Saruman of Many Colours
|  1076840|    46 | 36  | Killed Smaug the Golden
|  1078939|    46 | 36  | Found The Plate Armour of Isildur
|  1078939|    46 | 36  | Found The Star of Elendil
|  1084595|    47 | 36  | Killed Shelob, Spider of Darkness
|  1084653|    47 | 36  | Found The Flail 'Totila'
|  1087270|    47 | 36  | Found The Iron Crown of Beruthiel
|  1095261|    48 | 36  | Destroyed Thuringwethil, the Vampire Messenger
|  1096284|    48 | 36  | Found The Mail-coat of Caspanion
|  1100876|    49 | 36  | Killed The Giant Mutant Troll
|  1101008|    49 | 36  | Found The Amulet of Ingwe
|  1104171|    50 | 36  | Destroyed The Witch-King of Angmar
Fuivie slew the Witch-King of Angmar on 09/30/2010 at 10:50 PM.
Long live Fuivie!
Long live Fuivie!



Generate dungeons with aligned rooms         : yes (dungeon_align)
Monsters exploit players weaknesses          : no  (smart_cheat)


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : no  (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts       : no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Adult: Never stack objects on the floor      : no  (adult_no_stacking)
Adult: Have notes to written to a file       : yes (adult_take_notes)
Adult: All levels generated small            : no  (adult_force_small_lev)
Adult: Retain squelch settings               : no  (adult_retain_squelch)
Adult: No special statgain at DL 2, 4, 6     : no  (adult_no_discovery)
Adult: Easy start (but mid game is harder)   : no  (adult_no_easy_start)


Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 14.9.2010 04:45
Last updated on 1.10.2010 05:20

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On 14.9.2010 04:45 UniqueName wrote:
As the name implies my eight try. Most of my previous attempts died of starvation although one promising one was pawned by Khim on 14. I got pebble, lantern and MB2 fairly early. Killed Cerevas and Nar by using *conf and !speed. Unfortunately I don't have many consumables or escapes left. Only found 1 id so far which I just used on wolfskin to make inventory room only to find it's also rCold. I suspect the cutlass is animal since it doesn't smite anything else. The dagger doesn't seem worth it with no smite animals or funny zapping sounds. Doesn't take up much space though.

On 14.9.2010 05:43 Antoine wrote:
You are a troll, it would be great shame on you to fight with a dagger

On 14.9.2010 15:11 UniqueName wrote:
Hmm just noticed it doesn't say FuivieVIII but it is.

On 14.9.2010 18:28 UniqueName wrote:
Well another id another rCold. I use a ?Phase to kill Shagrat after trying to conserve potions and taking way too much damage in melee. Shoot to kill. I use up another !csw when I draw out too many Uruk escorts to handle. Escort drops what I suspect is Dethanc(it zaps stuff) and I get rid of the splendid dagger with no obvious slays. Unfortunately Shagrat drops a Longbow +6,+1. I trek back to the other side of the dungeon to retrieve my LB +6,+2...I hope not to regret dropping =sDigest for Paurnimmen. I need to leave behind something else behind. The obvious choices are LB +6,+2 or -MassIdentify. Less obvious choices are _Conjuration or a potion. I will wear "Wis before descending, use up +WIS mana on food and initial detect before taking off again until end of next level.

On 15.9.2010 19:17 UniqueName wrote:
DL15 XP18682 Turn248639
Well 14 went quickly. Fell through a trap door within 20 steps or so.
15. *dEvil Dark Elven Lord. Switch to LX and shoot. Drops a bunch of items but before I can fully sort Illitha shows up. Shoot her too. Confuses at 5 stars and summons a ochre jelly. I suck it up and refuse to use a potion. Manage to get in 2 melee rounds anyway and exit confusion with 130hp. Meet Tathor who I shoot blindly at a few times. Tathor moves into a wall and snagas join. Melee snagas until touched again. *dEvil and shoot Tathor. Level is pretty boring otherwise. There's lots of food left and 58 mana but monsters aren't spawning fast enough to keep turncount down. Notice morning star slay through use. Notice extra SP from mace. Has Slay Evil through use so HA or *Evil*. Use *ID* on it. sDigest. Not a very good weapon but keep for WIS bonus for now. Need to leave behind something. LB +6,+2 or =sVitality.

On 16.9.2010 07:39 UniqueName wrote:
DL18 XP39096 Turns 406013

DL16 was uneventful
DL17 A Gorgimaera surprises me. Silly half-troll doesn't know what it can do. It gazes?!#* You are unaffected?! Lucky Fuivie has Boots of FA from Wormtongue DL8. Maybe I should *dAnimal? The rest was uneventful until the last room. Coin pit. Previous coin pit was fun. Let's hold arrow key. Why is this white one not dying? Diamond gem? I use a ?TSelf before returning to kill coins individually.
DL18 First up is Ugluk and I am no match with Morning Star despite shooting several times down the corridor. I waste a ?Phase which gets me no shooting room and am forced to use ?Speed and ?Hero. I heal/hit a few times near end. Escort is no match once Ugluk is dead. Ugluk drops Phial and escort drops Til-i-arc. This is a direct upgrade from Slay Demon Morningstar. Luck at work? I drop obsolete light sources. I detect evil fairly regularly but a rubble turns into Ibun. Why is a petty, tricky, sorcerous, mischief not evil? With no escapes I melee risking Til-i-arc. Everything including Paurnimmen is disenchanted but Til-i-arc resists. It really is powerful...Equipment is looking up. Consumables are down.

On 16.9.2010 07:50 Antoine wrote:
Nice going. Til-i-arc even has slow digestion...

On 17.9.2010 17:18 UniqueName wrote:
DL22 XP73361 Turn537211

DL19 Nether ball was scary. Retreat, *dEvil, nothing. Oh it was a trap. Cost me 1000xp. Big find was !rDex. Water Hounds everywhere. I detected and killed an Umber Hulk from range but an air elemental confused me. I tried quaffing !csw a few times but just killed it while confused.
DL20 something special. Water hounds. MB4. Thorongil on ground. *id things I haven't guessed. Splendid armor from previous level is rCold.
DL21 Another something special. Coin pit. In the last unexplored part of the dungeon Turmil. Beorn spawns in a cleared part of the dungeon. Melee a few times. It's painful. I have MB4 and can phase now. First phase doesn't get me any shooting room but I do switch to LX. A few phases later I end up in a disconnected part. Rest to full and back to Beorn. Melee some and back to phasing. 8SP remaining. Wander around to pseudo a glaive but it's magic. Use remaining SP to *id Turmil so I can use it's activation. Drop my Mace of Slay *Evil* sDigest.
DL22 Water hounds everywhere still. Something fireballs me from offscreen. It's Nugrush who is no match in melee. Too much stuff so I read 2 ?Acq. Trident Slay Orc and LX Might. Also learn that *CreateMissiles can create enchanted ammo. Even better. Drop -Map in favor of more generic enhancer (Magi but the mana reducing ability seems to be buggy.

On 20.9.2010 04:16 UniqueName wrote:
DL25 XP183745 Turn 658436

DL24 Multi-hued d pit. Barukkeled, Elvagil, =agi+2 and lots of potions.
DL25 !enlight + *dVis shows Westernesse pit. I try to avoid it initially. Shoot at Lokkak with best bolts. Can't really take on Lokkak with Elvagil. Blink dogs and leaking monsters from pit force me to use !spd, !csw and *phase. Leave pit I go for =agi. Exploring more I get ambushed by an air elemental. !clarity. I detect an ancient blue with a mature gold and green. Clarity runs out. I decide to go for it. The blue confuses me once but no match for shooting and double elec resist. I left my poison ring behind and things go downhill from there. Swap to Rilia for poison resist but gold dragon confuses me. Use up all potions(2ccw,2heal). Confusion is getting deadly. Return to pit. Pseudo a splendid armor. Wearing boosts PER. This calls for *ID*. Elvenkind rConf. Clearing the pit uncovers a unique Hard Leather Cap, LX Shots and Red DSS.

On 20.9.2010 04:19 UniqueName wrote:
And Thror. Rilia is from a ?Acq dropped by a dragon on 24.

On 20.9.2010 04:56 Antoine wrote:
Confusion resist is pretty critical at this depth - if you don't have it you go through your healing pots too quick

On 22.9.2010 15:45 UniqueName wrote:
DL30 XP333658 Turn750774

Not much happening. Dropped Elvagil for Taratol. Keep lugging around Haradrim but never wear it. Lots of cave dweller pits. Using *MassIdentify even with high fail rate. =Dam+15 is marginally better than =Dex+4 but keeping both for now. Dropped an "Regen also. To even swap it in I would have to wait until "Wis+3 ran out.

On 22.9.2010 21:55 Roch wrote:
Nice going -- I'm finding that less than 10% of my attempts find create food before starving to death.
Do you know if there is any real significance to the "level not challenging, so go deeper" message?

On 22.9.2010 23:28 UniqueName wrote:
Yes, of the previous 7 attempts, 5 died to starvation and one other probably would have. Troll might be the worst race. Regen has minimal benefit without SP regen but causes you to starve. What should be a positive ability is fairly negative and can't even be unequiped.
Looks like when not challenged great is reduced to 7% and artifact is reduced or impossible. No other effect that I can see.

On 23.9.2010 00:08 Antoine wrote:
Don't let the "level not challenging, so go deeper" message happen if you can avoid it - you will get crap drops.

On 24.9.2010 00:23 UniqueName wrote:
DL33 XP536969 Turn814492

Well big changes on 33. *Map barcode with drolem and greater basilisk. *dVis Vargo, black puddings and troll pit. Drop scrolls and weapons and kill Vargo. Edging around barcode I forget about puddings and walk into them. Overall I lost about 30 bolts to acid. Try to fight drolem but end up using *TOther. Find a +21 Berserker Axe. It does +25% more normal damage than Barukkheled with slay evil! Troll pit spits out Fitzardis and Thengel. A =int+3 obsoletes Til-i-arc. Obsessed with drolem I try to kill it three times, finally succeeding using Haradrim, Fitzardis, !hero, haste. Approaching unid Ring of Agility Scatha comes out and drops =Flames and Acid. This was the worst battle. I end with 44hp deep gash, no potions because I stashed them from cold, no mana for a long time on this level and a night mare on top of me. Use up a ?banish. I leave behind Shield Haradrim, Berserker Axe Gondolin ESP +9, Barukkheled, Til-i-arc deciding to go to a ring based offense and defense.

On 24.9.2010 03:46 Antoine wrote:
Is Fitzardis better than those Berserker Axes?

On 24.9.2010 05:51 UniqueName wrote:
No, Fitzardis does 164/200/236 vs 229/229/302(normal/evil/troll). I guess 1-H is less useful now that I gave up on Shield Haradrim but it has rBlind so I can use Thalkettoth or Chaos/Thengel. Fitzardis appears to be one of the best 1-H weapons around but 3d8+21 is just huge. Really hard to overcome 30% more base damage.

On 25.9.2010 15:56 UniqueName wrote:
DL36 XP825274 Turn899381

DL34 Dropped MB3 for Cammithrim. Maybe this was overdue.
DL36 Drop Paurnimmen with Ring of Ice and CON approaching 18/70. It served me well. I hunt down all uniques detected and played with a Demonic Q for awhile. Reading Summoning scrolls too.

On 27.9.2010 01:58 UniqueName wrote:
DL37 XP1066416 Turn 939373

Dragon pit which produced a shield of preservation. Big find of Amras on floor. I leave behind Thengel, rChaos Elvenkind shield, and all damage enhancement rings(dex,slaying,damage) except for =AGI+5.

I wonder whether it's really worth keeping Thalkettoth and LX Shots but rings are replaceable and speed armor and ego launcher are not. I suppose I could drop poison ring also. Also only chaos breathers who don't also breathe disenchant are balrogs and vortexes.

On 30.9.2010 21:10 UniqueName wrote:
DL48 XP2365415 Turn1092990

Well I'm on 48 with 171SP left. I might as well tool around looking for more stuff. There's no point in trying to minimize my turn count.

I dropped Fitzardis, Turmil and Thalkettoth somewhere. I kind of regret dropping Thalkettoth for Arvedui. Arvedui doesn't offer much over Isildur and against GMT Thalkettoth would have been more useful. Even though Fitzardis is better than Eowyn except against undead it doesn't have a place in the final plan. Westernesse to melee GMT. Maybe Vampirism if I need HP. Shoot wielding Eowyn against WK.

I can't cast Healing without wearing =int however I don't need =Flames against WK so it's doable. Not many escapes for WK either. I have a ?Banish on ground but need to drop something. Evenstar probably if I use =int. Most likely escape will be ?destruct since it won't get rid of quest monsters?

I'm not sure how you can play a meleer. Healing is too rare. I haven't used any since DL42. You can't cast Healing but if you've pumped int/wis enough to cast Healing you can cast Mana Storm. Haven't found a decent Scythe of Slicing or MoD either. Maybe would have played differently if the comp didn't have Fuivie being one smart, agile, perceptive, clumsy, unlucky, noisy troll. RNG felt kind enough to bless me with at least 5 str upgrades too but no decent heavy weapon.

On 1.10.2010 03:39 UniqueName wrote:
DL48 XP2425437 Turn 1100341

Well that was exciting. So I wander around 48. I *dVis Thuringwethil in a rooms moat and a time vortex off to the far right. This is promising. Another unique and I'm perfectly outfitted for undead uniques. The dungeon south is unfavorable so I circle east avoiding the time vortex. I manage to draw just Thuringwethil out but it's difficult to prep for blinkers so I don't have time to use Taratol and quaff !spd. Start shooting. There's no point messing around with a summoner as dangerous as Thuringwethil. After a couple of phase/shoots she summons 2 demilichs, vampire and wraith. A phase brings me into a dead end corridor. I backup and heal a bit. One demilich blinks into vault on other side of dead end. The other seems slow, maybe because I'm hasted to 25 or so. Finish shooting the stack and Thuringwethil dies. *TOther the demiliches. Vamp and Wraith no match. *MIdentify reveals Caspanion. This is great. More HP, more SP, Healing 10% fail, permanent rPoison instead of Isildur. I feel ready for DL49. I take the short way southeast back to the stair. It breathes time. You feel your life clocked back. Disaster! All my stats are 30-50 off. I've lost 90HP, 80SP etc. I totally forgot about the time vortex east in my joy over Caspanion. I wait for the time vortex to show up it doesn't. I finally use precious SP to *dVis. The vortex is far off in a different room. I only see !rStr and !rPer around. My only choice is to try to find a !rAll. I return to the rooms vault Thuringwethil was in. Clearing it out I find a !rAll on the floor. Saved. One of the demiliches tracks me down and blinks in. I have 60SP or so remaining. I accept the challenge. Demilich drops a helmet chest and a xbow chest. *MIdentify. LX Shots +14,+15. Yes! HX Shots +17,+13. Yes! And so that was exiciting.

On 1.10.2010 03:42 UniqueName wrote:
I meant returning to the rooms moat not vault.

On 1.10.2010 05:20 UniqueName wrote:
GMT went easily no match for Berserker Axe of Westernesse. Kindly returned Ingwe, another Axe of *Slay Troll* and Mace of Slay Undead.

Descend. Initial position is terrible already with an Archlich in ESP range. I *TSelf to try to find a safer place. I can't find shooting space. WK summons Adunaphel, Arkhorahil, vampires and more. ?destruct does nothing. It certainly doesn't do what the description says although I've kind of noticed that already. Phase/TOther looking for shooting space. WK abuses LOS and keeps nether balling me. At about 170SP I finally get shooting space and unload about 20 of my best arrows into WK. A few phases later I get another chance but this time with HX and Holy Might. 5 stars or so. Forced to phase again, I end up in room with WK sse and a west corridor off the nw corner. Now this is a setup finally because I can step out of the corridor the second WK comes out of the wall. I shoot some flame bolts at the denizens of the room who die quickly. Step out I miss 3 times...WK summons more VWL's. Time to use my only banish on V's. It clears shooting space. 3 stars no holy might left. Summons D's. *TOther AMHD and green. 1 green and Adunaphel left. I *phase which brings me to other side of room with clear LOS. 1 star. WK teleports me away. Room of black puddings. I make short work of them but nothing useful. An 8-Head and the AMHD show up. *TOther. WK comes out. 2 shots dead. I don't bother looking at the drop.

On 1.10.2010 08:33 Roch wrote:
Congratulations! Very impressive win with this character.

On 1.10.2010 09:24 Antoine wrote:
Nicely done indeed.

Any development suggestions?


PS Is ?destruct buggy, should I fix it?

On 1.10.2010 21:21 UniqueName wrote:
Actually it's in the code. Quest summons can't be destructed. I did have one destruct in a muddy fractal that destroyed the half above me but only darkened the half below me.

On 1.10.2010 21:41 UniqueName wrote:
It makes sense that quest summons can't be destructed since it would be even more efficient that banishment but I can't think of a good reason reality wise why that occurs. The problem in the destruct code seems to be the check for HURT_FIRE. This means rooms and terrain that can be hurt by fire are never changed into a random feature. It also tends to lead to me getting trapped by my destruct since every wall is still there but there is all this rubble in my walking path.

On 1.10.2010 21:41 UniqueName wrote:
I shouldn't say problem. Maybe it's intentional. :)

On 10.10.2010 16:30 darkdrone wrote:
congrats, great win

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