The Angband Ladder: Ordinary Buzz, Shadow-Fairy Ranger by kingvictory2003

  [Chengband 0.0.85 Character Dump]

                          Name  : Ordinary Buzz

 Sex      : Male             Age               223   STR!:  18/***
 Race     : Shadow-Fairy     Height             61   INT!:  18/***
 Class    : Ranger           Weight             73   WIS :  18/215
 Magic    : Nature, Sorcery  Social Class       71   DEX!:  18/***
                             Align            Good   CON!:  18/***
                                                     CHR!:  18/190

 Two hands      (+134,+92)   Hit point    964/ 964   Fighting   : Legendary[35]
                             SP (Mana)    421/ 421   Bows/Throw : Legendary[57]
 Blows/Round           7+0                           SavingThrow: Heroic
 AverageDmg/Rnd      766+0   Level              50   Stealth    : Superb
                             Experience   15276528   Perception : Good
 Shooting        (+92,+14)   Max Exp      15276528   Searching  : Very Good
 Multiplier          x6.00   Exp to Adv      *****   Disarming  : Superb
 Shots/Round          0.83   Gold          2233587   MagicDevice: Legendary[22]
                                                     SpellPower : +0%
 AC              [22,+176]   Time     Day 16 14:59   DevicePower: +25%
 Speed               (+33)   Play time    12:31:21   Infravision: 40 feet

                         (Character Background)
          You are the first child of a Shadow-Fairy Alchemist.  You
          have black eyes, straight pale brown hair that forms a
          shining waterfall from head to foot, and an utterly white

          ...Now, you are in Morivant.

 Sex   : Male          Stat    BaseRacClaPerMod ActualCurrent  abcdefghijkl@
 Race  : Shadow-Fairy  STR!: 18/110 -2  2  0 18 18/***         1..32...4143.
 Class : Ranger        INT!: 18/110  2  2  0  9 18/***         1..32.3......
 Level : 50            WIS : 18/105  2  0  0  9 18/215         1..32.3......
 Hits  : 964/964       DEX!:  18/70  1  1  0 18 18/***         1..32...4143.
 Mana  : 421/421       CON!:  18/80 -1  1  0 23 18/***         1..32..54143.
                       CHR!: 18/120  0  1  0  6 18/190         1..32........
         \ }=="*((]]]             \ }=="*((]]]                 \ }=="*((]]]
         abcdefghijkl@            abcdefghijkl@                abcdefghijkl@
 Acid  : .......+.....    Sound : ........+.+..    Speed     : +.++++++.+..+
 Elec  : ...*...+.....    Nether: .......+...+.    FreeAction: ...+++.+...+.
 Fire  : ..+....+...+.    Nexus : .......+..+..    SeeInvisi.: ...++.++..+..
 Cold  : ....*..+.....    Chaos : ......+....+.    Hold Life : ..+++.++.....
 Poison: .......+...+.    Disnch: ..........+..    Warning   : ...+.....++..
 Light : ...........+.v   Fear  : ..........++.    SlowDigest: ...+...+.....
 Dark  : .......+..+..    Reflct: .........+...    Regene.   : ...+++..+....
 Shard : .....+....+..    AuFire: .............    Levitation: ...++.......+
 Blind : ..........+..    AuElec: .....+.......    Perm Lite : ....++.......
 Conf  : ......+......    AuCold: .......+.....    Cursed    : *....*.*.*...

             \                  \ }=="*((]]]                   \ }=="*((]]]
             ab@                abcdefghijkl@                  abcdefghijkl@
 Slay Evil : *..    Telepathy : .............    Add Blows   : +........+...
 Slay Und. : *..    ESP Evil  : .......+.....    Add Tunnel  : .............
 Slay Demon: *..    ESP Noliv.: .............    Add Infra   : .............
 Slay Drag.: *..    ESP Good  : .............    Add Device  : .....+.......
 Slay Human: +..    ESP Undead: .......+.....    Add Stealth : .......++....
 Slay Anim.: +..    ESP Demon : .......+.....    Add Search  : .............
 Slay Orc  : +..    ESP Dragon: .............
 Slay Troll: +..    ESP Human : .............    Riding      : .............
 Slay Giant: +..    ESP Animal: .............    Throw       : .............
 Acid Brand: +..    ESP Orc   : .............    Blessed     : .............
 Elec Brand: +..    ESP Troll : .............    No Teleport : .............
 Fire Brand: +..    ESP Giant : .............    Anti Magic  : .............
 Cold Brand: +..                                 Econom. Mana: ........+....
 Poison Brd: ...    Sust Str  : ...+.........
 Sharpness : ...    Sust Int  : ...++........    Drain Exp   : .............
 Quake     : ...    Sust Wis  : ...++........    Rnd.Teleport: .............
 Vampiric  : +..    Sust Dex  : ...+.........    Aggravate   : .........+...
 Chaotic   : ...    Sust Con  : .......+.....    TY Curse    : .............
 Force Wep.: ...    Sust Chr  : .............

  [Option Settings]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Small Levels:       ENABLED
 Arena Levels:       ENABLED

  [Recall Depth]

    Angband         : level 100
    Yeek cave       : level   1
    Orc cave        : level  10
    Dragon's lair   : level  60
   !Forest          : level  32
    R'lyeh          : level  91
    Mine            : level  75

  [Quest Information]

< Completed Quest >
  Thieves Hideout                          (Danger  level:   5) - level  4
  Logrus Master                            (Danger  level:  25) - level 23
  Orc Camp                                 (Danger  level:  15) - level 24
  Doom Quest 1                             (Danger  level:  15) - level 24
  The Sewer                                (Danger  level:  15) - level 25
  The Vault                                (Danger  level:  30) - level 25
  Old Man Willow Quest                     (Danger  level:  22) - level 26
  Dark Elven Lords Quest                   (Danger  level:  25) - level 26
  The Cloning Pits                         (Danger  level:  45) - level 33
  Node of Nature                           (Danger  level:  65) - level 37
  Node of Sorcery                          (Danger  level:  65) - level 38
  Vapor Quest                              (Danger  level:  25) - level 50
  The Lonely Mountain                      (Danger  level:  45) - level 50
  The Rise and Fall of Micro$oft           (Danger  level:  50) - level 50
  Doom Quest 2                             (Danger  level:  55) - level 50
  Oberon                                   (Danger  level:  99) - level 50
  Serpent of Chaos                         (Danger  level: 100) - level 50

< Failed Quest >

 Arena: True Champion

  [Defeated Monsters]

You have defeated 3228 enemies including 180 unique monsters in total.

< Unique monsters top 10 >
  The Serpent of Chaos                     (level 100)
  Oberon, King of Amber                    (level  99)
  Sauron, the Sorcerer                     (level  98)
  Gothmog, the High Captain of Balrogs     (level  95)
  The Destroyer                            (level  94)
  Cerberus, Guardian of Hades              (level  94)
  Azathoth, Seething Nuclear Chaos         (level  93)
  Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos         (level  93)
  Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss          (level  92)
  Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst           (level  92)


Your alighnment : Good

You are a great champion of Nature.
You are the living embodiment of Temperance.
You are a bitter enemy of Mysticism.
You are the living embodiment of Harmony.
You are the living embodiment of Knowledge.
You are the polar opposite of Honour.
You are a champion of Valour.
You are the living embodiment of Sacrifice.


You have an extra pair of legs (+3 speed).

  [Character Equipment]

a) The Great Hammer of Hephaestus (5d6) (+10,+10) (+1 to speed) {cursed,
b) (wielding with two-hands)
c) The Light Crossbow of Brand (x5) (+10,+14) (+10 to speed) {Sp;Fi;HlXm}
d) The Ring of Power (Vilya) (+12,+12) (+3)
e) The Ring of Power (Nenya) (+11,+11) (+2)
f) The Pendant of Zeus (+5,+5) [+5] (+5 to speed) <+25%> {cursed,
g) The Jewel of Judgement (+3 to speed) {SpInWi;CfCa;SiHl}
h) The Black Clothes of Hades [4,+38] (+5 to speed) {cursed,
i) The Wizard Cloak 'Power Matrix' [4,+23] (+4 to stealth) {StDxCnSl;So;EsDmRg}
j) The Iron Helm of Ares (+12,+12) [5,+10] (+1 to speed) {cursed,
k) The Set of Dragon Gloves 'Wiruin' (+10,+7) [4,+29] (+4)
l) The Pair of Dragon Boots 'No speed doh' [5,+25] (+3)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Nature Spellbooks [Call of the Wild] {@ma!k}
b) 3 Nature Spellbooks [Nature Mastery] {@mb!k}
c) a Nature Spellbook [Nature's Gifts] {@mc!k}
d) a Nature Spellbook [Nature's Wrath] {@md!k}
e) 3 Sorcery Spellbooks [Beginner's Handbook] {@me!k}
f) 3 Sorcery Spellbooks [Master Sorcerer's Handbook] {@mf!k}
g) a Sorcery Spellbook [Pattern Sorcery] {@mg!k}
h) a Sorcery Spellbook [Grimoire of Power] {@mh!k}
i) 5 Green Speckled Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
j) 4 Gold-Plated Rods of Healing (1 charging)
k) 5 Copper Rods of Teleport Other
l) 3 Bronze Rods of Disarming
m) The Mirror 'Yata-no-Kagami' [0,+18] (+3) {InWiIf;RfSiHlLu~Tele}
n) a Poison Needle (1d1) (+0,+0)

  [Home Inventory]

 ( page 1 )
a) 5 Nature Spellbooks [Call of the Wild] {@ma!k}
b) 3 Nature Spellbooks [Nature Mastery] {@mb!k}
c) a Nature Spellbook [Nature's Gifts] {@mc!k}
d) 3 Sorcery Spellbooks [Beginner's Handbook] {@me!k}
e) 10 Sorcery Spellbooks [Master Sorcerer's Handbook] {@mf!k}
f) 5 Dark Green Potions of Speed {!k!q}
g) 19 Bronze Potions of Heroism
h) 9 Cyan Potions of Cure Critical Wounds
i) 13 Blue Speckled Potions of Healing {!k!q}
j) 24 Green Speckled Potions of *Healing* {!k!q}
k) 15 Ivory White Potions of Life {!k!q}
l) 8 Cloudy Potions of Restore Mana

 ( page 2 )
a) 8 Pink Speckled Potions of Restore Life Levels {25% off}
b) 2 Pungent Potions of Dexterity {!k}
c) a Purple Potion of Enlightenment
d) 2 Gold Potions of Resistance {!k!q}
e) an Orange Potion of Curing
f) 3 Metallic Blue Potions of Invulnerability {!k!q}
g) 4 Oily Yellow Potions of New Life
h) 3 Smoky Potions of Polymorph
i) 99 Scrolls titled "alacre re org" of Teleportation {25% off}
j) 29 Scrolls titled "alacre re org" of Teleportation {25% off}
k) 10 Scrolls titled "sef unag famur" of Word of Recall {25% off}
l) 12 Scrolls titled "klinej ere" of Remove Curse

 ( page 3 )
a) 10 Scrolls titled "he proktab" of *Remove Curse*
b) 2 Scrolls titled "ashval paylech" of Rune of Protection
c) 7 Scrolls titled "danseh nejood" of *Destruction* {!*}
d) 2 Scrolls titled "stafoo lechi" of Genocide {!*}
e) 3 Scrolls titled "rea fri elip" of Mass Genocide {!*}
f) 2 Scrolls titled "enchantus maximus" of Weapon Branding
g) a Scroll titled "mumblus incognitus" of Madness
h) a Platinum Rod of Recall
i) 2 Ivory Rods of Restoration
j) 3 Bronze Rods of Disarming
k) a Steel Wand of Drain Life (7 charges)
l) 2 Uridium Wands of Disintegrate (8 charges)

 ( page 4 )
a) a Nickel Wand of Dragon's Breath (5 charges)
b) a Cast Iron Wand of Striking (6 charges)
c) an Iron Wand of Annihilation (4 charges)
d) 3 Teak Staffs of Perception (3x 21 charges) {@u0}
e) an Aspen Staff of Curing (8 charges)
f) 7 Hemlock Staffs of Healing (7x 4 charges)
g) 7 Rosewood Staffs of Speed (7x 8 charges) {@u1}
h) a Rosewood Staff of Speed (7 charges) {@u1}
i) a Dogwood Staff of Power (2 charges)
j) a Cottonwood Staff of Holiness (5 charges)
k) 11 Sycamore Staffs of *Destruction* (11x 5 charges)
l) a Jasper Ring of Flames [+11]

 ( page 5 )
a) a Wedding Ring of See Invisible
b) a Ruby Ring of Accuracy (+12)
c) an Engagement Ring of Damage (+17) { }
d) an Aquamarine Ring of Slaying (+13,+10)
e) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+12) {Sp}
f) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+10) {Sp}
g) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+9)
h) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+8) {Sp}
i) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+7) {Sp}
j) an Adamantite Ring of Speed (+5)
k) The Ring 'Frakir' (+1) {StInWiDxCnChSlSr;Po;SiWr}
l) The Ring of Tulkas (+4) {SpStDxCn}

 ( page 6 )
a) a Sapphire Ring of Fear Resistance
b) The Amethyst Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance 'Aathen' (+4 to speed)
c) an Azurite Ring of Nexus Resistance
d) a Steel Ring of Sound Resistance
e) a Turquoise Ring of Confusion Resistance
f) a Steel Ring of Shard Resistance
g) a Bloodstone Ring of Chaos Resistance
h) a Jet Ring of Blindness Resistance
i) 3 Nephrite Rings of Extra Attacks (+2 attacks)
j) a Nephrite Ring of Extra Attacks (+1 attack)
k) a Nephrite Ring of Extra Attacks and Mana bolt (+2 attacks) {%all}
l) a Nephrite Ring of Extra Attacks and Power Throwing (+2 attacks)

 ( page 7 )
a) an Opal Ring of Extra Shots
b) a Rhodonite Ring of Sustaining {%all}
c) a Moonstone Ring of Mana {Dm}
d) a Pearl Ring of Reinforce Muscle (+2)
e) The Pearl Ring of Reinforce Muscle 'Rrithamonvie' (+4)
f) an Azure Amulet of Brilliance and Resist Fire (+4) {InWiCh;Fi(InWiCh}
g) a Dragon's claw Amulet of Reflection
h) The Amulet of Carlammas (+2) {Cn;FiFe}
i) The Necklace of the Dwarves (+3) {StCnIf;FaSiRgLu}
j) a Rosary Amulet of Anti-Magic
k) a Jade Amulet of Anti-Teleportation
l) a Steel Amulet of Resistance {AcElFiCo}

 ( page 8 )
a) a Driftwood Amulet of Telepathy
b) The Torque of Boromir (+0,+8) {Fe(St}
c) The Bead 'Yasaka-no-Magatama' (+3) [+23%] {InChSr;ElFiCo;FaSi}
d) The Amulet of The Pitch Dark Night [+5] (+4) {SlSr;Dk;SiLu}
e) The Amulet of Sacred Knights [+10] (+2) {StWi;CfCa;FaSiHlRgBs}
f) The Collar Harness of the Hell (+15,+15) [-5] (-2) {SpInWiChSl;DkNt;SiAg~L}
g) The Charmed Pendant [+5] (+2) {InChSrIf;EsFaSiSdRgLuWr[FEC}
h) The Feanorian Lamp of Celestial Guidance {CoLiNtDi;Hl}
i) The Feanorian Lamp 'Avatar of Light' (+2) {Ch;PoDi(CnCh}
j) The Feanorian Lamp 'Destiny Star' {AcFiDiFe;SdLu}
k) The Phial 'Pulcherrima' (+1) {Wi;So}
l) The Star of Elendil (+1 to speed) {Sp;SiHl}

 ( page 9 )
a) The Palantir of Westernesse (+3) {WiCh~Tele}
b) The Levitation Stone of Laputa (+2 to speed) {SpInCh;HlLv}
c) The Blue Dragon Scale Mail of the Gods (-2) [40,+19] (+4) {Wi;AcElFiCo}
d) The Spectral Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+20] {cursed,
e) Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+27] {AcElFiCoPo}
f) Multi-Hued Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [40,+26] {AcElFiCoPo}
g) The Metal Scale Mail of Julian (-2) [15,+40] (+4) {StCh;AcElFiCoDkCaDi~Z}
h) The Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [14,+15] (+2) {StCh;AcElFiCoShNx}
i) The Augmented Chain Mail 'Phoenix' (-2) [16,+25] (+4)
j) The Augmented Chain Mail of Caspanion (-2) [16,+20] (+3) {InWiCn;AcPoBlCf}
k) The Metal Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2)
l) Splint Mail of Elvenkind (-2) [19,+12] (+3 to stealth) {Sl;AcElFiCoSh}

 ( page 10 )
a) Metal Lamellar Armour of Elvenkind (-3) [23,+17] (+3 to stealth)
b) The Full Plate Armour of Isildur [25,+25] (+2) {Cn;AcElFiCoCfSoNx}
c) The O-yoroi of the Bando Musha (+5,+5) [24,+20] (+2) {StCnCh;AcElCoShBlDiFe}
d) The Mithril Chain Mail of Lohengrin (-1) [28,+20] (+4 to stealth)
e) The Mithril Chain Mail of Bilbo (+1,+1) [28,+7] (+1 to speed)
f) a Robe of Permanence [2,+19] {AcElFiCoSo;Hl(StInWiDxCnCh}
g) The Leather Scale Mail 'Thalkettoth' (-1) [11,+25] (+3) {Dx;AcShSo}
h) a Leather Jacket of Elvenkind (-1) [12,+26] (+3 to stealth) {Sl;AcElFiCoSo}
i) Black Clothes [4,+17] (+4 to stealth)
j) a Robe of The Twilight [0,+0]
k) The Cloak of Merry (+1,+1) [1,+7] (+1) {SpInSlSr;Cf}
l) The Cloak 'Colannon' [1,+15] (+3 to stealth) {Sl;Ac}

 ( page 11 )
a) 2 Elven Cloaks [4,+11] (+4 to stealth) {SlSr}
b) an Elven Cloak [4,+5] (+2 to stealth)
c) an Elven Cloak of Stealth [4,+12] (+4 to stealth) {SlSr}
d) a Shadow Cloak [6,+8]
e) a Shadow Cloak of Thievery [6,+20] (+2 to speed) {SpDxSl;LiDk}
f) a Shadow Cloak of Thievery [6,+17] (+2 to speed) {SpDxSl;LiDk}
g) a Pair of Dragon Wings [4,+17] {Cf;Lv}
h) a Pair of Dragon Wings of Protection [4,+23] {Dk;Lv}
i) The Large Leather Shield of Celegorm [6,+20] {AcElFiCoLiDkSh}
j) a Dragon Shield [8,+18] {ShBlNt}
k) a Dragon Shield [8,+17] {CfFe}
l) The Golden Crown of Amber [0,+15] (+3) {SpStWiCn;ElFiCoLiDkBlCfCa;SiRgLvLu}

 ( page 12 )
a) The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+20] (+3) {StDxCn;AcNx}
b) The Set of Leather Gloves 'Cambeleg' (+8,+8) [1,+15] (+2) {StCn;Fa}
c) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+22] {AcShNx}
d) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+19] {Sh}
e) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+25] {Cf}
f) a Set of Dragon Gloves [4,+13] {Di}
g) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Free Action [2,+11]
h) The Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Frodo (+1,+1) [4,+7] (+2) {SpStSl;Fa}
i) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+22] {ElDkSh}
j) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+15] {PoDiFe}
k) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+14] {NtDi}
l) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+17] {So}

 ( page 13 )
a) a Pair of Dragon Boots [5,+15] {AcFi}
b) a Pair of Dragon Boots of Stealth [5,+24] (+2 to stealth) {Sl;CfNt}
c) a Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Speed [6,+11] (+8) {Sp}
d) The Main Gauche of Azaghal (2d5) (+12,+14) {*Fi;Po/XD~D}
e) The Small Sword 'Sting' (1d6) (+9,+8) (+2 attacks)
f) The Broad Sword 'Chainsword' (11d5) (+10,+10) (-2) {SpDxChSl;SiAg|S/poT~poT}
g) The Broad Sword 'Tailbiter' (2d5) (+18,+9) (+1 attack) {AtCnSr/XD/*~D}
h) The Scimitar 'Soulsword' (2d5) (+9,+11) (+2 attacks)
i) The Ninjato of Kamui the Escapee (2d9) (+15,+2) (+4 to stealth)
j) a Claymore (Defender) (2d8) (+9,+11) [+7] (+1 to stealth)
k) The Executioner's Sword 'Crisdurian' (4d5) (+23,+24) {Si|PS/*pDoTPL}
l) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) (+4,+10)

 ( page 14 )
a) a Blade of Chaos (6d5) (+0,+0)
b) a Blade of Chaos (Defender) (6d5) (+15,+15) [+5] (+1 to stealth)
c) The Diamond Edge 'Aggroblade' (8d6) (+29,+29) (+4) {Dg;BlCf;Ag|SM/*Z}
d) 3 Poison Needles (1d1) (+0,+0) { }
e) The Trident of Poseidon (24d1) (+24,+24) (+3 to speed) {cursed,
f) The Lajatang of Sha Wujing (3d7) (+12,+10) (+2 to infravision)
g) The Great Axe of Shiva (5d5) (+25,+27) (+3) {St;Fe;Lv/U(St}
h) a Trifurcate Spear (Wild) (1d18) (+12,+13) {SoFe;Si}
i) The Trifurcate Spear of Wrath (3d9) (+16,+18) (+2) {StDx;LiDk;SiBs|Ca/*L}
j) The Scythe of Slicing of Ganesa (8d4) (+21,+28) (+4 to infravision)
k) The Scythe of Slicing 'Bloody Moon' (8d4) (+8,+8) [+8] (+2 to searching)
l) The Fishingpole of Taikobo (1d1) (+0,+0) { }

 ( page 15 )
a) The Ball-and-Chain of the Defender of the Crown (5d4) (+0,+20) (+3)
b) The War Hammer of Aule (9d3) (+19,+21) [+5] (+4)
c) The Mace of Disruption 'Deathwreaker' (7d8) (+18,+18) (+6)
d) The Mattock of Nain (3d8) (+12,+18) (+6 to searching)
e) The Sling 'Abslicer' (x2) (+19,+13) (+3) {Cn;Xs}
f) The Sling 'Angelic Page' (x3) (+18,+20) (+3 to stealth) {WiSl;Po;XmBs}
g) The Short Bow of Robin Hood (x4) (+15,+17) (+2) {DxChSl;Fe;Xm}
h) a Long Bow of Accuracy (x3) (+9,+9)
i) The Long Bow 'Fire Ant' (x4) (+24,+29) (+4) {CnDg;Fi;Xm[T}
j) The Long Bow 'Belthronding' (x3) (+20,+22) (+3) {DxSl;Di;Xs}
k) The Long Bow of Yoichi (x4) (+40,+13) (+4) {Dx;SiXm}
l) The Light Crossbow of Wilhelm Tell (x5) (+40,+13) (+4) {Dx;SiXm}

 ( page 16 )
a) The Heavy Crossbow of Horror (x5) (+23,+17) (+3 to speed) {Sp;Fe;Xm}
b) The Gun 'Crimson' (x0) (+20,+20) (+4 to speed) {SpSl;DkNt;Si}
c) The Harp of Apollo (+4 to speed) {cursed, SpStInCh;LiNtFe;Fa(StInCh}
d) The Steel Bolt of Wilhelm Tell (6d5) (+20,+16) (335/279) {/Xp}
e) 99 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) {@f0}
f) 99 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) {@f0}
g) 9 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) {@f0}
h) 7 Arrows (1d4) (+2,+4)
i) The Black Arrow of Bard (8d4) (+30,+19) {/XD}
j) a Capture Ball (empty)
k) The Corpse of Madame Debby


 ( page 1 )
a) The Wedding Ring of See Invisible 'Aalrantagl' [+15] (+4) {WiCn;CoShSoDi;Si}
b) The Brass Ring of Lightning 'Aanbeksta' [+20] (+4) {Cn;ElCoLi;FaSi(Ch}
c) The Nephrite Ring of Extra Attacks 'Eelgsnoulkblu' (+1 attack)
d) The Ring of Cower (Darnya) (-15,-15) (-5) {cursed, SpStInWiDxCnCh;AgTy}
e) The Amulet of Ingwe (+3) {WiChIf;AcElCo;FaSi}
f) The Amulet of Faramir (+12,+0) (+3) {Sl;Cf(Dx}
g) The Inro of Mito Koumon (+2) {InWiChSrIf;Si}
h) The Pendant of Gogo (+4) {InWiDx;SiLu}
i) The Golden Apple of Aphrodite [+25] (+5) {cursed,
j) The Feanorian Lamp 'Corvus' {cursed, HlTe[M(In}
k) The Incandescent Light of Yeduson (+3 to infravision) {If[FE}
l) The Phial of Galadriel (+1 to searching) {Sr}

 ( page 2 )
a) The Stone of Lore { }
b) The Ring Mail of the Ninja (-2) [12,+25] {FiSh(InDx}
c) The Double Chain Mail of Thor (-2) [16,+29] (+3 to speed) {Sp;Cf[E}
d) The Metal Lamellar Armour of The Padre (+5,+5) [23,+17] (+2) {Ch;FiCa;RfLu}
e) The Haramakido of Mephistopheles (+4,+5) [17,+29] {PoDkNt;Si}
f) The Full Plate Armour 'Roaring Lightning Dragon' (-3) [25,+29] (+4)
g) The Mithril Chain Mail 'Shambler' (-1) [28,+22] {AcElFiCo[E(In}
h) The Hard Leather Armour of Himring [6,+15] {PoNtCa[C}
i) The Rhino Hide Armour 'Dasai' (-1) [8,+64] (-10) {Ch;Ag(Ch}
j) The Ethereal Cloak of the Heavenly Maiden [0,+20] (+4)
k) The Massive Iron Crown of Chaos [0,+0] (+125) {cursed,
l) The Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2) [+15%] {InWi;ShBl~Tele}

 ( page 3 )
a) The Hard Leather Cap of Sam (+1,+1) [2,+7] (+1) {SpCn;Fe}
b) The Metal Cap of Thengel [3,+12] (+3) [+23%] {WiCh}
c) The Iron Helm 'Holhenneth' [5,+10] (+2) {InWiSr;Bl;Si}
d) The Iron Helm 'Terror Mask' (+18,+18) [5,+10] (-1) {cursed,
e) The Set of Leather Gloves of Pippin (+1,+1) [1,+7] (+1) {SpDxCh}
f) The Set of Cesti of Fingolfin (+10,+10) [5,+20] (+4) {Dx;Ac;FaLv}
g) The Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Gorlim [6,-23] {cursed, ElBl;TeAgTy}
h) The Pair of Metal Shod Boots 'Tetsu-geta of Flame' (-5,+10) [6,+20] (-1 to
speed) {SpInWiChSl;FiFe;Rg[F(StCn}
i) The Dagger of Fiona (2d4) (+6,+9) (+2) {AtSpDx;Co;ThSiSdRg|CoP}
j) The Dagger of Caine (2d4) (+10,+15) [+5] (+4) {DxSlSr;Dk;ThFaSi|P/*poT(Dx}
k) The Dagger 'Grimtooth' (1d4) (+5,+5) (+1 attack) {AtDx;Th|P}
l) The Dagger 'Narthanc' (1d4) (+4,+6) {FiCf;ThLu|F}

 ( page 4 )
a) The Dagger 'Nimthanc' (1d4) (+4,+6) {CoBl;Th|Co}
b) a Short Sword of Slaying (6d8) (+12,+16) {|S}
c) The Sabre 'Careth Asdriag' (1d7) (+6,+8) (+1 attack) {At/pDoTPZ}
d) The Wakizashi of Musashi (2d4) (+28,+17) (+3) {Dx(Dx}
e) The Broad Sword 'Glamdring' (2d5) (+10,+15) (+1 to searching)
f) The Broad Sword 'Goln Nova' (2d5) (+15,+15) (+2) {StDx|M/XU}
g) The Long Sword 'Anduril' (4d5) (+10,+15) [+5] (+4) {St;FiFe;FaSiLu|F/*oT(Dx}
h) The Long Sword 'Worpal Blade' (5d5) (+32,+32) (+2) {If;AgTy[MT}
i) The Long Sword 'Excalipur' (5d5) (-50,-50) [-5] (-3) {WiCh;ThAgTy}
j) The Ninjato 'Speed Star' (1d9) (+27,+17) (+4 to stealth) {SlSr|P/L}
k) The Bastard Sword 'Acid Blade' (3d4) (+11,+18) {Ac|A}
l) The Bastard Sword 'Bloodrip' (6d6) (+10,+10) (+2) {Cn;CfSo;FaSi|VS}

 ( page 5 )
a) The Bastard Sword 'Calris' (5d4) (-20,+20) (+5) {cursed, Cn;Di;Ag/XD/*pTU}
b) The Two-Handed Sword 'Hrunting' (4d6) (+13,+21) (+4) {St;FaLvLu|S/XP/D}
c) The Two-Handed Sword 'Twilight' (4d6) (-40,-60) [-50] (+10 to speed) {cursed,
d) The Blade of Chaos 'Stormbringer' (6d6) (+16,+16) (+2) {cursed,
e) The Sickle of Maggot (2d3) (+7,+9) (+1) {StDx;FiLi|S}
f) The Awl-Pike 'Ama-no-NumaHoko' (2d8) (+16,+20) (+4)
g) The Beaked Axe 'Dissolver' (2d6) (+28,+23) (+4) {Wi;Ac;WrBs[T|AM/*}
h) The Beaked Axe 'Photon Torpedo' (2d6) (+10,+13) (+2 to infravision)
i) The Beaked Axe of Hurin (2d6) (+10,+12) [+2] (+3) {AtCn|A/TU}
j) The Broad Axe 'Barukkheled' (2d6) (+13,+19) (+3) {Cn;Si/*oTP}
k) The Lucerne Hammer 'Assassin's Strike' (2d5) (+22,+19) (+2 to stealth)
l) The Halberd 'Osondir' (3d5) (+6,+9) (+3) {Ch;FiSo;SiLvLu|F/PL}

 ( page 6 )
a) The Guisarme 'Storm Halberd' (2d5) (+28,+29) (+4 to infravision)
b) The Scythe 'Taminalbringer' (5d3) (+23,+13) [+15] (+4 to speed) {Sp|PV/pZ}
c) The Scythe 'Avavir' (5d3) (+8,+8) [+10] (+3) {DxCh;FiCoLi;FaSiLu|FCo}
d) The Battle Axe of Balli Stonehand (3d8) (+8,+11) [+5] (+3)
e) The Battle Axe 'Lotharang' (2d8) (+4,+3) (+1) {StDx/oT}
f) The Lochaber Axe 'Bison Axe' (3d8) (+17,+21) [+5] (+3) {Dg;Ag(Dx}
g) The Lochaber Axe of the Dwarves (3d8) (+12,+17) (+10 to searching)
h) The Whip of Bolshoi (2d6) (+6,+9) (+4) {DxCh|F/XZ~Z}
i) The Whip of Dr. Jones (1d6) (+16,+13) (+1) {InWi;SiLv}
j) The Nunchaku 'Hyousi-gi' (1d2) (-3,-7) [+6] (+3) {Sr}
k) The Ball-and-Chain 'Iron ball' (25d4) (-30,+0) [+20] (-6) {cursed, SpWiSl|Q}
l) The Jo Staff 'Matoi' (1d7) (-5,+10) [+3] (+3) {StCh;Fi}

 ( page 7 )
a) The Flail 'Totila' (3d6) (+6,+8) (+2 to stealth) {Sl;FiCf;Lu|F/*}
b) The Flail 'Winblows' (8d6) (+0,+30) (-4 to speed) {cursed, SpInWiSl;Ag|CaQ}
c) The Two-Handed Flail 'Destroyer' (3d6) (+18,+29) (+3) {StCn;SiAg|AV(St}
d) The Great Hammer 'Golden Hammer' (2d6) (+0,+0) { }
e) The Mighty Hammer 'Grond' (9d9) (+5,+25) [+10]
f) The Mattock 'Reaper' (1d8) (+17,+19) (+1 attack) {AtDg|V/o}
g) The Short Bow of Artemis (x4) (+12,+18) (+3 to stealth) {cursed,
h) The Long Bow of Bard (x4) (+17,+19) (+3) {Dx;FaXm}
i) The Light Crossbow 'Freeze!' (x5) (+25,+21) {Co;SdLuXm}
j) The Light Crossbow of 'Hellfire' (x4) (+15,+17) (+4) {StIf;Fi[F}
k) The Heavy Crossbow 'Cheating' (x5) (+28,+25) (+4) {In;CfNx;Xm}
l) The Skeleton of Cantoras, the Skeletal Lord

 ( page 8 )
a) The Skeleton of Kaschei the Immortal
b) The Corpse of Fang, Farmer Maggot's dog
c) The Corpse of Smeagol
d) The Corpse of Robin Hood, the Outlaw
e) The Corpse of Nami, the Mate
f) The Corpse of Hobbes the Tiger
g) The Corpse of Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief
h) The Corpse of The Variant Maintainer
i) The Corpse of Old Man Willow
j) The Corpse of It
k) The Corpse of Gachapin
l) The Corpse of Jaws

 ( page 9 )
a) The Corpse of Shelob, Spider of Darkness
b) The Corpse of Lord Borel of Hendrake
c) The Corpse of The Queen Ant
d) The Corpse of Mother Hydra
e) The Corpse of Mandor, Master of the Logrus
f) The Corpse of Kavlax the Many-Headed
g) The Corpse of Malekith the Accursed
h) The Corpse of Jasra, Brand's Mistress
i) The Corpse of Eol, the Dark Elven Smith
j) The Corpse of Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir
k) The Corpse of Jack of Shadows
l) The Corpse of Utgard-Loke

 ( page 10 )
a) The Corpse of Scatha the Worm
b) The Corpse of Smaug the Golden
c) The Corpse of Itangast the Fire Drake
d) The Corpse of Fafner the Dragon
e) The Corpse of Glaurung, Father of the Dragons
f) The Corpse of Beld, Ruler of Marmo
g) The Corpse of Garm, Guardian of Hel
h) The Corpse of Ulik the Troll
i) The Corpse of Baphomet the Minotaur Lord
j) The Corpse of Bull Gates
k) The Corpse of Santa Claus
l) The Corpse of Shudde M'ell

 ( page 11 )
a) The Corpse of Petshop
b) The Corpse of Nidhogg the Hel-Drake
c) The Corpse of The Lernean Hydra
d) The Corpse of Ansalom, the Dark Wizard
e) The Corpse of Dionysus, the Munchkin of Chaos
f) The Corpse of Walken
g) The Corpse of Fundin Bluecloak
h) The Corpse of Dworkin Barimen
i) The Corpse of Ancalagon the Black
j) The Corpse of The Defiler
k) The Corpse of Saruman of Many Colours
l) The Corpse of Bramd the Ice Dragon

 ( page 12 )
a) The Corpse of Narse the Black Dragon
b) The Corpse of Mycen the Gold Dragon
c) The Corpse of Lems the Cyborg
d) The Corpse of Kenshirou the Fist of the North Star
e) The Corpse of The Yamata-no-Orochi
f) The Corpse of Fiona the Sorceress
g) The Corpse of Tiamat, Celestial Dragon of Evil
h) The Corpse of The Norsa
i) The Corpse of Caine, the Conspirator
j) The Corpse of Banor the Prince Regent
k) The Corpse of Gerard, Strongman of Amber
l) The Corpse of Ungoliant, the Unlight

 ( page 13 )
a) The Corpse of Atlas, the Titan
b) The Corpse of Klingsor, Evil Master of Magic
c) The Corpse of The Emperor Quylthulg
d) The Corpse of Caldarm the Third
e) The Corpse of Richard Wong, Master of Time
f) The Corpse of Godzilla
g) The Corpse of The Tarrasque
h) The Corpse of Ymir the Ice Giant
i) The Corpse of Loki the Trickster
j) The Corpse of Combat-Echizen "Because it's time"
k) The Corpse of Wahha-Man the Golden
l) The Corpse of Bahamut, Celestial Dragon of Good

 ( page 14 )
a) The Corpse of Ares, the God of War
b) The Corpse of Apollo, the Sun God
c) The Corpse of Artemis, the Moon Goddess
d) The Corpse of Hephaestus, the Smith God
e) The Corpse of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love
f) The Corpse of Poseidon, Lord of Seas and Storm
g) The Corpse of Hades, Ruler of the Underworld
h) The Corpse of Fenris Wolf
i) The Corpse of Zeus, King of the Olympians
j) The Corpse of Qlzqqlzuup, the Lord of Flesh
k) The Corpse of Cerberus, Guardian of Hades
l) The Corpse of Oberon, King of Amber

 ( page 15 )
a) a Mithril Statue of Raphael, the Messenger

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Posted on 3.3.2012 17:08
Last updated on 3.3.2012 19:47

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On 3.3.2012 17:08 kingvictory2003 wrote:
Man do I love rangers.

This one was going to be the non-aggro buzzsaw blade (i.e. Chainsword), and of course my plans almost never go as I laid them out. In this instance, I still haven't found Chainsword, and instead found Deathwreaker, which oddly enough puts the beating on enemies quite well :D

I also decided to use my 3rd scroll of artifact creation on a Diamond Edge--it's the one that has 8d6 dice with slay evil and force brand...and Aggravate. BUT! I'm a shadow fairy so hahahaha! I used it against some evil baddie, which one I forget, but it ate through the unique pretty quickly. It also ate through my mana pretty darn quickly--something like 50 mana per round of attacks! So I'm not sure I'll be using it too frequently, although I wonder if it would work well against the Serpent.

On 3.3.2012 18:09 kingvictory2003 wrote:

I finally managed to find Ares by virtue of him being summoned by Hermes. Took him out, and wore the helmet before I could think twice about it. I also fell prey to the siren call of Hephaestus's Hammer, but now that's not too bad thing now is it? :)

Of course, looking over my resistances, I realized I was running around with ZERO acid resistance, which hitherto was covered by Aule. This made me switch out the amazing ImmFire randart augmented chainmail I was wearing for Lohengrin, which gives me another heal, more stealth to make up for the 50% stealth penalty (aggro+shadow fairy), and just a bit more mana by reducing the total armor/weapon weight.

Now we're talking half decent damage output for a melee ranger. If I could only find a +3 ring of extra attacks now...

On 3.3.2012 19:47 kingvictory2003 wrote:
Decided to go for the Serpent, and the fight went pretty well.

I'd have to say Hades is definitely very much worth wearing now, and the difficulty of fighting him justifies its power. I almost died twice fighting him despite my excellent gear.

For the final battle, I decided to forgo a shield, and get bonuses from both Nenya and Vilya--7 blows/round for 766 average damage, not accounting for slays, is more than adequate for the Serpent. Having a 2% Herbal Healing really, really helped as well.

Saving a scroll of artifact creation for a Wizard Cloak for magic users has become one of my new favorite things to do :) The reduced mana and fail rate help a LOT. The only disadvantage comes from losing Jack's cloak as a super stealth buff and source of telepathy.

I haven't retired this guy yet--I'm thinking I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor just a bit longer...maybe take out the hated Unicorn?

On 3.3.2012 20:18 dzhang wrote:
Zombified Serpents of Chaos!

On 3.3.2012 21:15 Arjen wrote:
Hmmm, looks like I killed the 'weak' Olympians with the 'weak' artifacts. Or just not the right ones for a High Mage. This guy looks just powerful, but that might be due the fact of all those * and + showing your slays.

And I need to find myself some of those wizard cloaks as I'm into the HM atm.

On 3.3.2012 21:47 kingvictory2003 wrote:
I've only seen one zombified J before, and that was in Zangband of all things :) maybe I'll give it a gander!

Arjen--the problem with those spellcaster artifacts is that the Olympians like Athena and Hera are WAY nastier than the others. Especially Athena, who might be brokenly nasty. Honestly, their artifacts are a little 'meh' as well...the Golden Apple IMHO might be the nicest of them, except it is terribly cursed with Aggravate. Spear of Athena isn't too bad, but the damage dice and bonuses are wasted on a hardcore caster, and Gandalf, though rare, is far better. Crown of Hera is actually pretty nice, and precludes the need to find a wizard cloak, but Hera again is one of those extremely nasty ones.

Hades is probably an excellent armor for casters, given its weight and +con. He's certainly no cakewalk for anyone though.

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