The Angband Ladder: Caldor, Noldor Finarfin no-class by Satyr

  [Sil 1.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Caldor        Age    1,327       Str   2
 Sex    Male          Height  6'10       Dex   4
 Race   Noldor        Weight   168       Con   4
 House  Finarfin                         Gra   3 =  4  -1

 Game Turn    5,716   Melee   (+6,2d7)   Melee        6 =  2  +4  -2  +2
 Exp Pool     1,424   Bows  (+10,1d10)   Archery     10 =  8  +4  -1  -1
 Total Exp   15,024   Armor  [+9,4-16]   Evasion      9 =  8  +4  -1  -2
 Burden        93.9                      Stealth     -7 =  1  +4  -2 -10
 Max Burden   144.0   Health     -1:41   Perception   7 =  5  +3      -1
 Depth         400'   Voice      24:34   Will         2 =  1  +3      -2
 Min Depth     250'   Song    Elbereth   Smithing     3 =  2  +3      -2
 Light Radius     3                      Song         4 =  3  +3      -2

 You are one of several children of an archer from the house of
 Finarfin. You have light grey eyes, straight golden hair, and a fair

  [Last Messages]

> It burns your mouth and throat.
> You feel much better.
> You have no more Murky Brown Potions of Orcish Liquor (g).
> The Warg bites you.
> The Warg bites you...
> The Giant hits you.
> Low hitpoint warning!
> You are full!
> You have no more Pale Green Herbs of Sustenance (d).
> The Warg bites you!
> The Warg misses you.
> The Warg bites you.
> You die.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Longsword of Brilliance (+0,2d5) [+1]
   It lights the dungeon around you.  
b) The Shortbow of Celegorm (+1,1d8) <-1>
   It decreases your grace by 1.  It slays wolves, orcs, trolls, 
   and spiders.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  It can
   shoot arrows 15 squares (with your current strength).
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) an Ivory Amulet of Preservation
   It sustains your constitution and grace.  It reduces your
   need for food.  It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
f) a Brass Lantern (with 2418 turns of light)
g) Studded Leather [-2,1d6]
h) a Cloak of Protection [+1,1d1]
   It cannot be harmed by the elements.  
i) a Kite Shield (-2) [+0,1d6]
j) a Helm [-1,1d3]
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)
m) 92 Arrows
   They can be shot 15 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 37 Arrows (+3)
   They can be shot 15 squares (with your current strength and bow).

  [Character Inventory]

a) 3 Yellow Herbs of Terror
b) a Wrinkled Herb of Restoration
c) a Russet Herb of Weakness
d) 2 Pieces of Dark Bread
e) 3 Fragments of Lembas
f) a Black Potion of Clarity
g) an Ivory Staff of Sanctity (1 charge)
h) a Golden Staff of Summoning (9 charges)
i) 2 Wooden Torches (with 2000 turns of light)
j) a Wooden Torch (with 1490 turns of light)
k) a Wooden Torch (with 657 turns of light)
l) a Set of Gauntlets of the Forge (-1) [+0,1d1] <+3>
   It improves your smithing by 3.  
m) 2 Spears (-1,1d9)
   It can be thrown effectively (5 squares).  It does extra
   damage when wielded with both hands.  It counts as a type of
n) 7 Throwing Axes (+0,2d4)
   It can be thrown effectively (8 squares).  
o) a Shovel (-3,3d1) <+1>
   It improves your tunneling by 1.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  
p) a Longbow (+0,1d9) [-1]
   It can shoot arrows 16 squares (with your current strength).


Caldor of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 01/05/2012 at 10:34 PM

    Turn     Depth    Note

       3     50 ft    (Versatility)
       3     50 ft    (Focused attack)
     877    100 ft    (Weaponsmith)
   1,829    100 ft    (Song of Elbereth)
   2,340    200 ft    (Precision)
   3,131    250 ft    (Concentration)
   3,921    300 ft    (Crippling Shot)
   4,154    400 ft    Found The Shortbow of Celegorm
   4,360    400 ft    (Blocking)

   5,716    400 ft    Slain by a Warg.
   5,716    400 ft    Died on 05 January 2012 at 11:39 PM.

Posted on 6.1.2012 00:42

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On 6.1.2012 00:42 Satyr wrote:
Had great fun with this archery-build, shouting the name of Elbereth into the faces of any orc or troll coming along, shooting them in the back when they run away screaming, even a nice artefact bow to play with. Sadly those couple of giants weren't really impressed and herded me right into some mini-vault full of nasties, including a silent watcher... how I missed my scroll of phase door!

Actually I probably should have headed to the next stairs, as soon as I met the first silent watcher (native depth 1000'!) on the level, in hindsigth a clear sign there was something unusual going on, and I really wasn't ready for that.

On 6.1.2012 11:26 half wrote:
I'm yet to try a Song of Elbereth archer, but am just playing a character with Song of Elbereth and Opportunist, an ability that gives you a free melee attack when something moves away from you. It works well, but involves a moderate investment in Stealth which is then somewhat counteracted by singing loudly...

You have done well with your choice of Abilities: getting Focused Attack for free with a House of Finarfin character makes sense -- Keen Senses would also have been a good choice, and certainly worth 500 experience. I'm not sure that blocking would help much though -- its main strength is in melee combat when you have lots of things that go well with it (Focused Attack is one though). Did you get Weaponsmith to allow you to forge a bow/arrows at 100ft? That can be a good way to get archers going. If so, a House of Feanor character may have made it easier (Smithing Affinity).

On 6.1.2012 14:54 Satyr wrote:
Forging the needed bow/arrows early is nice, but a bit situational, as you could always find them or not find a forge early, so a Feanorian might be a bit of a wast.The perception discount on the other hand is allways usefull, so I went with Finarfin. (Oh, and a personal dislike for the arrogant Feonorians certainly has nothing to do with my choice)

Focused attack is also a prerequisit for the superb Concentration, though Keen Senses and later on Listen look good, too. At the time of my untimely death I was just trying to get my defenses up, the next 1000 exp would have gone into heavy armor use, that's why I chose blocking, though it does indeed go quite well with focused attack whenever you get cornered by some spider or simillar...

Next runs I probably will try out polearms for melee support, polearm mastery + focused attack looks interesting, too.

On 6.1.2012 17:04 Scatha wrote:
Cool character! Were you singing at the end? I'd guess your Song might not have been high enough to scare off Wargs and Giants.

It isn't documented in the manual, but there's actually always a forge on the second level generated. On the other hand, you are quite likely to find a bow and arrows early.

I've found polearm characters pretty fun, although I haven't got one into the late game. Let us know how it goes!

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