The Angband Ladder: Frog IX, High-Elf Mage by PowerWyrm


 Name        : Frog IX                 Age          :    108   STR :  18/60 
 Race        : High-Elf                Height       :    107   INT : 18/112 
 Sex         : Male                    Weight       :    185   WIS :     13 
 Class       : Mage                    Social Class :     31   DEX : 18/107 
 Title       : Wizard (2nd)                                    CON : 18/103 
                                                               CHR :  18/82 

 + To Hit    :     15        Level      :     32    Max Hit Points :    341
 + To Damage :     13        Experience : 447186    Cur Hit Points :    341
 + To AC     :     31        Gold       :  86059    Max Mana       :    149
   Total AC  :     78                               Cur Mana       :    149

(Miscellaneous Abilities)

 Fighting    : Superb       Stealth     : Superb       Perception  : Superb
 Bows/Throw  : Superb       Disarming   : Superb       Searching   : Very Good
 Saving Throw: Superb       Magic Device: Superb       Infra-Vision: 40 feet

Character Background
 You are one of several children of a Green-Elf Ranger.  You
 have light grey eyes, straight blond hair, and a fair

  [Character's Equipment List]

  a) You are wielding   : a Flail named Totila (2d9) (+10,+10) (+2 to stealth).
  b) Worn on head       : a Metal Cap of Intelligence [3,+1].
  c) Worn around neck   : an Amulet of the Magi [+3] (+20).
  d) Worn on body       : Bronze Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+12].
  e) Worn on shield arm : Shield of Deflection [10,+10].
  f) Right ring finger  : a Ring of Intelligence (+1).
  g) Left  ring finger  : a Ring of Barahir (+1).
  h) Worn on feet       : a Pair of Hard Leather Boots of Stealth [3,-2].
  i) Worn about body    : a Cloak [1,+1].
  j) Light source is    : The Star of Elendil.
  k) Secondary weapon   : a Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy (x4) (+16,+8).

  [General Inventory List]

a) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Magic for Beginners].
b) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Conjurings and Tricks].
c) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Incantations and Illusions].
d) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Sorcery and Evocations].
e) 2 Books of Magic Spells [Resistance of Scarabtarices].
f) a Book of Magic Spells [Kelek's Grimoire of Power].
g) 2 Potions of Restore Life Levels.
h) 14 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds.
i) a Rod of Enlightenment.
j) a Rod of Recall.
k) a Wand of Annihilation (0 charges).
l) a Wand of Teleport Away (8 charges).
m) a Staff of Holiness (3 charges).
n) a Staff of the Magi (3 charges).
o) 24 Bolts of Slay Evil (1d5) (+7,+7).

Posted on 15.10.2013 15:48
Last updated on 30.10.2013 14:34

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On 15.10.2013 15:48 PowerWyrm wrote:
Frog V through Frog VIII didn't live long. With Frog IX, I started scumming for interesting level feelings. This paid off very quickly ("lucky" feeling at 50ft yielding a sling of might), and I was able to reach 500ft without too much trouble. "Special" feeling gave me Sting, quickly followed by Haraddeket (Wormy drop), and "Totila" (another "special" feeling). In this version, artifacts are mostly garbage, but an early weapon with nice enchantments, good dice and slays is a big upgrade.

At this point, I get different options to kill stuff: spells, magic devices, missiles and melee. I don't really know what awaits below 750ft (are the monsters the same in this version?), but we'll see...

On 17.10.2013 17:46 PowerWyrm wrote:
This is frustrating... You cannot dive, you don't find anything good, acid breathers ruin all your AC, monsters take forever to kill. And you don't have enough mana to cast spells...

Currently scumming 1000-1050' for good level feelings, hoping to find decent stuff to try going to stat gain. But since you have to run away from pretty much everything, this takes forever...

On 18.10.2013 12:05 PowerWyrm wrote:
Did I mention that you get jack from selling items to shops? And that *** Troll shopkeeper that gives max 3k for weapons won't EVER go away... no way I'm gonna afford that Potion of Intelligence from the black market :(

Also I don't have seen any ring of stats yet... how is a mage supposed to be played with 30 mana at level 25, which only allows him to cast 3 or 4 fire bolts that deal pathetic damage?

On 18.10.2013 17:48 PowerWyrm wrote:
Starting to get a few goodies: green DSM, R&S... Bought an INT pot from BM to reach 18/70 INT (that's almost double mana!)

On 22.10.2013 12:24 PowerWyrm wrote:
"Good" level yielded a potion of experience... which needs to be stored in home until xp reaches 200k for optimized gain. Still no gamebreaking item found though...

On 22.10.2013 15:55 MattB wrote:
Sorry for my ignorance, but could you explain the potion of experience thing? I thought they gave you 100k no matter what. Thus optimal is as early as possible?

I'm hugely impressed with your progress, by the way, not one of my 15 or so Frogs has made dlvl5!

Did we really used to enjoy this?!?

On 22.10.2013 15:56 MattB wrote:
Also, your amulet gives you +20 what? Mana?

On 23.10.2013 13:10 PowerWyrm wrote:
The potion of experience gives the minimum value of 100k and half your current xp. So below 200k xp, you get less than 100k. That's why you need to keep it stored until you reach the threshold.

+20 on the magi amulet is to searching. It's equivalent to +4 in the recent versions.

On 23.10.2013 13:45 MattB wrote:
Ah, thanks for the info. Good luck!

On 23.10.2013 13:51 PowerWyrm wrote:
INT is 18/90 and CON is 18/58 now. Just learned that INT pots are base level 32, so I need to dive to 1600. Bought a staff of holiness from BM, which should make T pits a breeze.

On 24.10.2013 15:23 PowerWyrm wrote:
Reached 200k xp and quaffed the !xp I had stored earlier. At this point, the easiest way to kill stuff is with those two DSMs, which seem to deal a ton of damage in this version compared to the rest. The quest for INT pots continues...

Oh yes, NEVER quaff a stat pot if your stat is drained... it would WASTE the potion (works on the CURRENT value, not the max)!

On 28.10.2013 09:40 PowerWyrm wrote:
Can't restart this character today, the game refuses to start with "fiddled savefile" message. Probably due to the fact that we moved from summer time to winter time this week-end in France.

So either I manage to recreate the character in wizard mode or I'll end this painful experience here.

On 28.10.2013 11:14 PowerWyrm wrote:
Alright. I managed to re-create almost identically this character with the wizard commands and the last character dump I made, except for the items that were stored in the home (couldn't remember what was in there). I'll restart from this point.

On 29.10.2013 20:32 bron wrote:
You should be able to use the old save-file if you start in wizard mode ("-w" option on startup). You'd also need to add yourself to the lib/files/wizards file.

On 30.10.2013 14:34 PowerWyrm wrote:
Hard to make any progress in this version. Drops are mostly garbage, monsters take forever to kill (each weapon swing generates one or two -more- messages which you have to clear MANUALLY, even a crappy T takes 15-20 rounds to kill). At least it seems that this character gets 4 bpr with Totila now...

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