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1Ar-Pharazon? At level 34?Angband12.4.2017 13:53hurricaneleo1@gmail.com70
23 Vaults and Vecna!Angband6.4.2017 15:33hurricaneleo1@gmail.com70
3Strange door placementAngband5.4.2017 13:30PowerWyrm77
4Lava vaultAngband3.12.2016 09:18Thraalbee128
5Angband 4.1-dev scary levelAngband8.11.2016 16:56PowerWyrm112
6Moria levelAngband30.10.2016 11:39Nick143
7trapdoorAngband9.9.2016 19:11wobbly144
8The bm had a huge pile of deep descent scrollsAngband21.8.2016 20:44Estie189
9object-bugAngband21.8.2016 11:04Bogatyr193
103 vaults in sightAngband4.7.2016 09:34Pete Mack351
11Dracolich DL30Angband26.6.2016 08:52Nick121
12(quickband) Ogres all over the placeAngband25.4.2016 18:55Thraalbee215
13This level is gonna kill me...Angband12.4.2016 17:47jonnyothan@gmail.com232
149-9 levelAngband28.1.2016 13:47PowerWyrm248
15How do you clear this without Mass Banishment?Angband8.1.2016 14:11PowerWyrm327
16Sauron SummonsAngband11.12.2015 18:19wobbly248
17KeleksAngband7.12.2015 04:16wobbly221
18BreakfastAngband1.12.2015 02:40wobbly198
19Raal's Tome of BasilisksAngband29.11.2015 22:46wobbly247
20Dude!Angband17.11.2015 13:57PowerWyrm261
21Tarrasque at 2300' level feeling 4-7Angband29.9.2015 21:59Thraalbeast286
22Solo fight Narog .vs. MorgothAngband8.7.2015 17:06Thraalbeast510
23Future special rooms: jellyfish chamberAngband2.6.2015 00:16Nomad385
24Future special rooms: hexagonal checkerboardAngband31.5.2015 04:20Nomad361
25Future special rooms: triangular checkerboardAngband31.5.2015 04:07Nomad338
26Future special rooms: more zigzagsAngband31.5.2015 03:43Nomad322
27Future special rooms: zigzagsAngband31.5.2015 03:32Nomad301
28Future special rooms: checkers squaredAngband31.5.2015 03:29Nomad288
29Future special rooms: crosshatchedAngband31.5.2015 03:27Nomad311
30In the hall of the Octopus King (apparently)Angband30.5.2015 22:03Nomad366
31When videogames collide...Angband17.3.2015 21:55fruviad@yahoo.com426
32ring vortex visibilityAngband1.2.2015 16:56Bogatyr404
33Saruman and WormtongueAngband26.1.2015 06:40Estie336
34Good levelAngband8.1.2015 21:03Angrist320
35In anticipation of deathAngband7.1.2015 16:32Angrist283
36Good night, sweet prince!Angband4.1.2015 19:59Angrist342
37downstairs dlev99 but Sauron aliveAngband25.12.2014 23:14Bogatyr404
38downstairs dlev99 but Sauron aliveAngband25.12.2014 23:14Bogatyr232
39Forgot what day it is today...Angband24.12.2014 13:56PowerWyrm281
40Smallest Vanilla Level EverAngband12.12.2014 20:53Bogatyr323
41Rogue vs. Hellpit at 2100'Angband29.11.2014 17:50Nomad305
42Locke's Second VaultAngband10.11.2014 16:42Jax350
43Locke's first vaultAngband9.11.2014 23:36Jax312
44Someone just shot himself in the footAngband31.10.2014 13:55PowerWyrm325
45Who really clear these?Angband9.10.2014 13:35PowerWyrm342
46Very scary momentAngband30.8.2014 15:42Angrist471
47Scary momentAngband29.8.2014 22:47Angrist354
48Greed is killerAngband27.8.2014 16:51Angrist357
49Insects everywhereAngband22.8.2014 18:53Angrist357
50Yet another early greater vault.Angband19.8.2014 15:04Angrist373

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