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1air spirit(coffee)Angband4.11.2018 17:05wobbly41
2late early-gen(coffee)Angband4.11.2018 15:46wobbly32
3(coffee)lvl1Angband2.11.2018 11:30wobbly44
4coffeebalrogAngband2.10.2018 00:51wobbly80
5coffee41Angband1.10.2018 23:40wobbly51
6rodent skeletonAngband28.9.2018 13:19wobbly57
7moriafied_genAngband27.9.2018 23:01wobbly64
8coffeelvl2Angband25.9.2018 21:49wobbly71
9coffeeZAngband25.9.2018 21:33wobbly33
10Coffee MazeAngband23.9.2018 16:27wobbly54
11Final summonsAngband23.9.2018 15:56Thraalbee37
12coffeelvl9Angband16.9.2018 17:36wobbly60
13full shot lvl 1Angband2.8.2018 19:35wobbly174
14willowAngband2.8.2018 19:33wobbly95
15thugsAngband2.8.2018 19:33wobbly78
16Large Small Level GenAngband30.7.2018 01:48wobbly59
17Smaller stillAngband30.7.2018 00:26wobbly50
18full lvl 1 shotAngband29.7.2018 21:38wobbly58
19coffee shot level genAngband29.7.2018 20:56wobbly85
20TwistsAngband17.7.2018 17:35wobbly71
21ThePits11Angband17.7.2018 17:32wobbly67
22ThePits6Angband17.7.2018 17:30wobbly50
23small gripAngband17.7.2018 17:25wobbly50
24smallAngband17.7.2018 17:10wobbly51
25smallgen(lvl20)Angband15.7.2018 16:29wobbly62
26smallgen(lvl19)Angband15.7.2018 16:26wobbly39
27smallgen(lvl7)Angband15.7.2018 16:24wobbly41
28smallgen(lvl6)Angband15.7.2018 16:23wobbly36
29smallgen(lvl1)Angband15.7.2018 16:22wobbly35
30"modified" with O corridor numbersAngband10.7.2018 00:29wobbly65
31Vanillas "modified" genAngband10.7.2018 00:18wobbly63
32O-level take 2Angband9.7.2018 20:21wobbly53
33O-level?Angband9.7.2018 19:44wobbly45
34not as small levelAngband9.7.2018 16:58wobbly39
35small levelAngband9.7.2018 16:50wobbly40
36Double trouble | Here be PiratesAngband6.7.2018 19:04Thraalbee69
37Morgoth invokes a mana storm...Angband12.6.2018 16:13PowerWyrm117
38Dungeon books sortedAngband28.5.2018 12:46Nick84
39[tr] Icky thing, door guardAngband16.3.2018 04:0110v24167
40Great Wyrm of Power pitAngband15.3.2018 14:15PowerWyrm188
41You are no longer poisoned...Angband22.1.2018 11:26PowerWyrm423
42Risk vs rewardAngband16.1.2018 12:23PowerWyrm338
43Unsafe stair placementAngband15.1.2018 16:37PowerWyrm367
44The... BATCAVE!!!Angband9.1.2018 15:00PowerWyrm361
45Huge roomAngband25.11.2017 02:50Nick524
46Surprise in Mount DoomAngband16.11.2017 17:44PowerWyrm423
47Vault O' DragonsAngband3.11.2017 21:51Oraticus389
48Graveyeard CityAngband29.10.2017 14:39Thraalbee392
49Pathfinding (Morgoth)Angband4.10.2017 11:37PowerWyrm520
50PathfindingAngband3.10.2017 16:45PowerWyrm412

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