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1Lamps, lamps, lampsSil29.4.2016 21:43taptap41
2forge interruptSil20.4.2016 17:32wobbly95
3Leaping VaultSil20.4.2016 02:36nikheizen73
4what's up with that axe?Sil11.4.2016 07:49seraph71
5LungorthinSil9.4.2016 20:28wobbly62
6two stacks of arrows right next to eachotherSil5.4.2016 22:21seraph66
7BalrogSil3.4.2016 16:33wobbly79
8Smaug 3 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:57wobbly63
9Smaug 2 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:57wobbly47
10Smaug 1 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:56wobbly53
11ListenSil3.4.2016 14:32wobbly40
12DeathbladeSil3.4.2016 14:31wobbly41
13BetrayedSil3.4.2016 14:30wobbly39
14temptingSil28.3.2016 18:35wobbly57
15waitingSil28.3.2016 17:39wobbly45
16doublefearSil26.3.2016 17:25wobbly52
17HiddenSil26.3.2016 16:55wobbly45
18Smith's "friend"Sil22.3.2016 17:48wobbly87
19Carcharoth (surface spoiler)Sil16.3.2016 07:20wobbly115
20wreckage (Thu Spoiler)Sil10.3.2016 06:35wobbly166
21Forge shot 4 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:49wobbly148
22Forge shot 3 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:44wobbly131
23Forge shot 2 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:40wobbly123
24Forge shot 1 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:39wobbly126
25Trolls are goldfishSil7.3.2016 01:57wobbly167
26SniperSil6.3.2016 09:13wobbly171
27DragonsSil6.3.2016 09:12wobbly176
28spears of vanyarSil6.3.2016 07:25wobbly143
29Go awaySil6.3.2016 07:20wobbly145
30ward (throne room)Sil1.3.2016 06:53wobbly158
31TroubleSil29.2.2016 21:27wobbly109
32_freedomSil28.2.2016 14:48wobbly96
33Potion of VoiceSil28.2.2016 14:44wobbly84
34NemisisSil28.2.2016 14:39wobbly74
35WardSil25.2.2016 02:20wobbly93
36SalvationSil24.2.2016 18:26wobbly102
37Big LightSil24.2.2016 18:09wobbly126
38knockbackSil1.2.2016 10:47wobbly127
39dead end?Sil1.2.2016 10:47wobbly113
40no hidingSil1.2.2016 04:07wobbly74
412x (+50,2d9) in Throne room Sil24.1.2016 09:17Thraalbee114
42Naughty CornerSil4.1.2016 12:26wobbly105
43Ringrakuo at 300'Sil4.1.2016 12:25wobbly86
44Entrapment staff bugSil4.1.2016 04:32wobbly100
45freedomSil31.10.2015 17:59wobbly159
46chasmSil31.10.2015 17:58wobbly129
47helloSil31.10.2015 17:57wobbly116
48false floorSil9.3.2015 18:09wobbly320
49Crafty catsSil22.12.2014 22:33HallucinationMushroom216
50Look, no torch....Sil30.11.2014 13:32wobbly197

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