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1Lesser Jewel - possibly spoiler-ishSil6.4.2014 00:00wobbly120
2Gilim fleeing on the spotSil5.4.2014 21:52wobbly82
3ChasmbandSil15.3.2014 15:57absolutego86
4Principles of interior design (or: lamps, lamps, lamps)Sil5.2.2014 11:04taptap132
5StuckSil30.1.2014 12:08Psi127
6The stairs to nowhereSil22.1.2014 20:39locus181
7No downstairs...Sil21.1.2014 13:23Psi162
8Giants of the gameSil18.1.2014 08:33Psi136
9How exactly does this work...?Sil16.1.2014 09:03Psi241
10RIPSil14.1.2014 02:58debo129
11Hi can't we all be friendsSil14.1.2014 02:58debo142
12Time to goSil12.1.2014 17:50debo109
13Not a stair - an elevatorSil11.1.2014 23:18taptap108
14The battle for the forgeSil11.1.2014 12:21Sose113
15Alone in the darkSil11.1.2014 11:08Sose107
16Soul trainSil10.1.2014 22:41debo115
17supSil10.1.2014 14:05clouded117
18(Too much) ConfidenceSil8.1.2014 11:50taptap123
19Shooting range (spoiler)Sil7.1.2014 21:41taptap113
20Wormbros!Sil7.1.2014 17:44HallucinationMushroom112
21150' leaping pivotalSil7.1.2014 16:50HallucinationMushroom97
22Leaping is important Sil7.1.2014 16:46HallucinationMushroom100
23Tevildo + guardian cannot cross barrier.... (spoiler)Sil7.1.2014 06:00HugoTheGreat2011103
24Ururauko cannot cross chasm (Spoiler)Sil7.1.2014 05:56HugoTheGreat201197
25Pushing Orc archer into chasm...Sil6.1.2014 06:47HugoTheGreat2011153
26Violet molds in Sil 1.2.x (*Spoilers*)Sil5.1.2014 02:08HugoTheGreat2011109
27Need Leaping ability now...Sil5.1.2014 01:40HugoTheGreat201195
28Enraged mpa-style **Spoiler**Sil13.12.2013 07:31HugoTheGreat2011151
29Hugo Returns! makes a guest appearance at Gothmog's hallsSil13.12.2013 06:14HugoTheGreat2011127
30Guess who just picked up a lantern of brightness?Sil5.12.2013 19:04wobbly168
31Last prayerSil27.11.2013 00:23taptap147
32HADOOOOOOOOOR!Sil26.11.2013 19:02Psi172
33If only Morgoth were here...Sil21.11.2013 20:11taptap134
34A curse lifted?Sil21.11.2013 12:30taptap105
35Just kill me nowSil20.11.2013 03:45debo123
36Easterlings lending some lightSil18.11.2013 03:20wobbly253
37I just want to leaveSil27.10.2013 18:20taptap180
38DawnSil4.9.2013 18:20taptap198
39Arda shall be free (revised edition)Sil4.9.2013 11:50taptap208
40Arda shall be freeSil4.9.2013 11:38taptap151
41Morgoth's best manSil4.9.2013 11:09taptap180
42And so it begins IISil4.9.2013 02:52taptap204
43And so it beginsSil4.9.2013 02:50taptap159
44The challengerSil3.9.2013 23:46taptap186
45Finally, a way out ...Sil2.9.2013 08:47taptap215
46JammedSil2.9.2013 08:46taptap149
47Cornered by angry concert guestSil2.9.2013 08:42taptap179
48Concert in Morgoth's hallSil2.9.2013 08:40taptap190
49ExhaustionSil1.9.2013 20:35taptap134
50DarknessSil17.8.2013 23:15taptap147

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