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1pitfallSil26.8.2016 12:19 newseraph15
2there you areSil17.8.2016 20:47wobbly51
3Guardless 2Sil17.8.2016 20:46wobbly38
4Guardless?Sil17.8.2016 20:43wobbly49
5wrecked forgeSil14.8.2016 15:11wobbly70
6earthquakeSil6.8.2016 18:44wobbly36
7archer's chestSil27.7.2016 10:32seraph38
8dominoSil22.7.2016 18:35wobbly57
9redSil19.7.2016 12:02wobbly54
10Target PracticeSil19.7.2016 11:01wobbly49
11damn grotesqueSil18.7.2016 07:45seraph68
12SnoozieSil13.7.2016 13:08wobbly56
13HiSil13.7.2016 11:51wobbly64
14not hereSil13.7.2016 09:59wobbly53
15byeSil13.7.2016 09:58wobbly51
16first roomSil7.7.2016 07:48seraph74
17fish in a barrelSil9.6.2016 07:17seraph131
18longshotSil16.5.2016 09:35seraph196
19Lamps, lamps, lampsSil29.4.2016 21:43taptap97
20forge interruptSil20.4.2016 17:32wobbly150
21Leaping VaultSil20.4.2016 02:36nikheizen124
22what's up with that axe?Sil11.4.2016 07:49seraph92
23LungorthinSil9.4.2016 20:28wobbly84
24two stacks of arrows right next to eachotherSil5.4.2016 22:21seraph88
25BalrogSil3.4.2016 16:33wobbly113
26Smaug 3 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:57wobbly91
27Smaug 2 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:57wobbly65
28Smaug 1 of 3Sil3.4.2016 15:56wobbly74
29ListenSil3.4.2016 14:32wobbly61
30DeathbladeSil3.4.2016 14:31wobbly59
31BetrayedSil3.4.2016 14:30wobbly55
32temptingSil28.3.2016 18:35wobbly78
33waitingSil28.3.2016 17:39wobbly63
34doublefearSil26.3.2016 17:25wobbly81
35HiddenSil26.3.2016 16:55wobbly72
36Smith's "friend"Sil22.3.2016 17:48wobbly109
37Carcharoth (surface spoiler)Sil16.3.2016 07:20wobbly136
38wreckage (Thu Spoiler)Sil10.3.2016 06:35wobbly192
39Forge shot 4 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:49wobbly173
40Forge shot 3 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:44wobbly156
41Forge shot 2 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:40wobbly147
42Forge shot 1 of 4Sil8.3.2016 05:39wobbly154
43Trolls are goldfishSil7.3.2016 01:57wobbly195
44SniperSil6.3.2016 09:13wobbly197
45DragonsSil6.3.2016 09:12wobbly209
46spears of vanyarSil6.3.2016 07:25wobbly172
47Go awaySil6.3.2016 07:20wobbly176
48ward (throne room)Sil1.3.2016 06:53wobbly187
49TroubleSil29.2.2016 21:27wobbly137
50_freedomSil28.2.2016 14:48wobbly121

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