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1Gothmog's Hall(spoiler)Sil2.7.2017 01:23wobbly195
2You aren't so scary now, BelegwathSil27.5.2017 04:37protopulse185
3You shall not pass!Sil25.5.2017 03:00protopulse158
4cat fortress?Sil18.5.2017 05:29seraph161
5Scary encounterSil17.5.2017 23:31protopulse176
6I'm glad there's a chasm between usSil17.5.2017 22:28protopulse142
7Didn't get far. Then Charcharoth joinsSil16.5.2017 21:26Thraalbee145
8Even cats can't hear my approachSil16.5.2017 21:00protopulse143
9Throne room, and the deed is doneSil16.5.2017 18:47Thraalbee130
10Throne room, enter V(ile boss) Sil16.5.2017 18:43Thraalbee121
11Throne room, start of fight (archery tank)Sil16.5.2017 18:40Thraalbee117
12And here I was thinking there were treasure inside...Sil15.5.2017 15:05protopulse165
13Almost game over because lack of digger...Sil14.5.2017 00:00protopulse153
14Flickering shadows so spookySil13.5.2017 22:13protopulse128
15Oh sorry, didn't mean to disturb you...Sil13.5.2017 22:12protopulse124
16Now that's just evil...Sil13.5.2017 02:23protopulse146
17Got an island all to myselfSil12.5.2017 23:04protopulse116
18Staff of Summoning Draws Quite the CrowdSil11.5.2017 19:36protopulse128
19Early orodruthSil11.5.2017 03:22protopulse111
20Double TroubleSil10.5.2017 05:31wobbly110
21CarnageSil10.5.2017 05:30wobbly108
22SmaugSil10.5.2017 04:20wobbly90
23NightmareSil9.5.2017 17:59protopulse129
24Early mithril corslet [-2,2d5]Sil8.5.2017 05:34protopulse119
25Hoard of the young cold-drakeSil7.5.2017 00:08protopulse103
26It's raining mithril!Sil7.5.2017 00:02protopulse105
27I think there's a name for situations like theseSil5.5.2017 20:21protopulse137
28Worst spawn in recent memorySil5.5.2017 20:01protopulse133
29Please don't destroy my stuff!Sil4.5.2017 22:59protopulse124
30Only when I'm not a smithing specialist does this happenSil3.5.2017 05:28protopulse97
31What if they roll in their sleep?Sil3.5.2017 01:06protopulse117
32I think I'll just sleep in todaySil3.5.2017 01:04protopulse99
33A little comfort now that my gloves of the forge are up in flamesSil2.5.2017 18:13protopulse109
34Double Silent Watcher VaultsSil2.5.2017 18:10protopulse77
35The Aftermath Sil2.5.2017 17:59protopulse85
36Three midgame terrors in rapid successionSil2.5.2017 16:38protopulse92
37Neat little maze Sil2.5.2017 15:37protopulse90
38All in formationSil2.5.2017 15:25protopulse73
39Loot-festSil2.5.2017 15:25protopulse88
40Hey haven't seen you in a whileSil1.5.2017 21:21protopulse115
41Yuck.Sil1.5.2017 03:12captnamazing78
42Ulfang and DeathbladeSil30.4.2017 23:27protopulse84
43Carrying around these chests finally paid off!Sil30.4.2017 23:24protopulse86
44Well this is awkward...Sil30.4.2017 00:27protopulse88
45Caught Uldor with his pants downSil30.4.2017 00:02protopulse70
46My favorite vault thus farSil28.4.2017 23:42protopulse91
47Hey there cutieSil28.4.2017 22:07protopulse74
48We're...alive?Sil28.4.2017 06:06protopulse99
49Getting kinda claustrophobicSil28.4.2017 06:02protopulse91
50Well that doesn't look too good...Sil28.4.2017 05:56protopulse85

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