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1Demihuman pitFAangband3.8.2017 16:10HallucinationMushroom173
2mousetreeFAangband4.7.2017 12:43wobbly209
3Into a Dragon Pit.FAangband19.10.2016 22:50Regalia212
4From a Serpent of Chaos (pit)...FAangband19.10.2016 22:48Regalia169
5Tarrasque, we meet again.FAangband11.10.2016 14:56Regalia172
6Compacting monstersFAangband27.9.2016 19:00Regalia208
7How many levels for a pit?FAangband26.9.2016 02:22Regalia206
8melian's lore vaultFAangband8.8.2016 16:11wobbly187
9The dreaded stairsFAangband7.8.2016 14:05wobbly195
10not so snoozieFAangband6.8.2016 21:06wobbly186
11SnoozieFAangband6.8.2016 21:06wobbly173
12TroubleFAangband5.8.2016 19:58wobbly204
13time to leaveFAangband5.8.2016 19:24wobbly188
14shipFAangband5.8.2016 19:14wobbly178
15PettyFAangband5.8.2016 19:01wobbly168
16< or dieFAangband13.6.2016 23:09Thraalbee261
17Serpent of ChaosFAangband25.11.2015 19:05Regalia277
18Thrall HoundsFAangband11.8.2015 08:54wobbly481
19Short VisitFAangband12.9.2014 00:33Rivendell376
20Qlzqqlzuup and Emperor Quylthulg tagteamFAangband27.1.2014 21:14clouded597
21Partytime!FAangband14.1.2014 18:58Thraalbeast475
22Maybe notFAangband9.1.2014 20:21Thraalbeast463
23...and don't expect to leaveFAangband31.12.2013 13:21Nick447
24Welcome to AngbandFAangband31.12.2013 05:54Nick436
25Vargo comes to townFAangband11.12.2013 07:43Nick462
26This should be a fun levelFAangband4.12.2013 12:50clouded508
27Mapping would be niceFAangband28.7.2013 07:12Nick488
28Bad teleport destinationFAangband25.7.2013 18:50Thraalbeast450
29On the lavaFAangband24.7.2013 20:59Thraalbeast454
30One step from the lavaFAangband24.7.2013 20:57Thraalbeast425
31Staring into the abyssFAangband12.7.2013 03:18Nick479
32Town UnderworldFAangband9.3.2013 07:18HugoTheGreat2011580
33dungeon cityFAangband4.3.2013 16:59clouded597
34Could this guy be in a worse position?FAangband22.11.2012 15:32clouded956
35Large MineFAangband21.11.2012 09:30Nick555
36Broken Druj PitFAangband10.11.2012 14:25HallucinationMushroom835
37If only I were an assassinFAangband10.11.2012 02:03HallucinationMushroom530
38Hard mode, indeedFAangband9.11.2012 15:18HallucinationMushroom530
39Twin VaultsFAangband8.11.2012 22:39HallucinationMushroom778
40You wouldn't like them when they're angry...FAangband5.11.2012 22:43Seany C508
41Epic fight with UngoliantFAangband5.11.2012 13:10clouded1056
42Random telepathy?FAangband3.11.2012 16:54Seany C742
43XXXXXXXXXXXXXXFAangband31.10.2012 09:43clouded1029
44Hard modeFAangband28.10.2012 11:35Nick783
45Bizarre Mana BugFAangband13.1.2012 05:38Monkay589
46Teleportation forbidden!FAangband4.4.2011 02:50Rivendell1322
47Necromancer's paradiseFAangband15.1.2011 12:32Nick968
48Winged dragon of power (2)FAangband3.1.2011 15:52Adley881
49Winged dragon of powerFAangband3.1.2011 15:50Adley1213
50EvolutionFAangband3.1.2011 15:44Adley1156

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