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1Any guesses? :)FrogComposband18.1.2019 02:15Bostock44
2CL5: Dubious BeginningsFrogComposband4.1.2019 10:54MITZE57
3TrapFrogComposband3.12.2018 15:50wobbly88
4One-room levelFrogComposband14.11.2018 00:42Sideways78
5AAAARRRGGHHH!!!FrogComposband13.11.2018 16:02wobbly116
6quylthulgFrogComposband9.11.2018 11:22wobbly72
7Not sure how long I can stay in his vaultFrogComposband4.11.2018 05:53Mocht81
8Finally able to enter a vaultFrogComposband3.11.2018 15:52Mocht90
9armageddon trapFrogComposband2.11.2018 14:34wobbly68
10Good loot if you surviveFrogComposband2.11.2018 10:58Mocht68
11Jewellery roomFrogComposband1.11.2018 07:02Mocht66
12Too many elven sorcerorsFrogComposband1.11.2018 07:01Mocht67
13StarlightFrogComposband19.10.2018 11:18wobbly95
14OPFrogComposband19.10.2018 10:15wobbly57
15Mornin'FrogComposband17.10.2018 20:34wobbly72
16Excellent vaultFrogComposband17.10.2018 10:58Mocht93
17Vault 2FrogComposband3.10.2018 03:23Mocht113
18VaultFrogComposband2.10.2018 18:56Mocht75
19DELFrogComposband30.9.2018 12:48wobbly69
20Lonely ShopsFrogComposband30.9.2018 09:54wobbly86
21Vaults everywhereFrogComposband27.9.2018 17:27Mocht72
22Red level - Knight templar vaultFrogComposband27.9.2018 09:32Mocht79
23g pitFrogComposband26.9.2018 17:06Mocht59
24H'sFrogComposband26.9.2018 15:13Mocht56
25taking my pet kraken for a swimFrogComposband15.6.2018 05:24murphy144
26Big vault, type new to meFrogComposband9.6.2018 15:31Mocht111
27Vault, type is new to meFrogComposband9.6.2018 09:34Mocht101
28Next to an Armageddon trapFrogComposband27.5.2018 16:29Mocht84
294 great wyrms of balance, amongst othersFrogComposband20.5.2018 16:39Mocht114
30109 ancient white dragonsFrogComposband20.5.2018 05:45Mocht106
31Mature dragons and The DestroyerFrogComposband5.5.2018 13:09Mocht160
32Juggernaut versus JuggernautFrogComposband30.4.2018 19:28Mocht123
33Level 33 Juggernaut of Khorne melee damageFrogComposband30.4.2018 18:38Mocht134
34Orc warlocksFrogComposband30.4.2018 18:33Mocht125
35thieves denFrogComposband17.4.2018 18:50murphy143

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