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13.0.0Alpha45 - Mauhur - orc captainHengband11.11.2021 21:10smbhax448
23.0.0Alpha45 - Laika - named dogHengband11.11.2021 21:09smbhax349
33.0.0Alpha45 - Freesia - named housecatHengband11.11.2021 21:09smbhax281
43.0.0Alpha45 - auto pickerHengband11.11.2021 21:06smbhax259
53.0.0Alpha45 - command descriptionsHengband11.11.2021 21:05smbhax246
63.0.0Alpha45 - disturb optionsHengband11.11.2021 21:04smbhax182
73.0.0Alpha45 - input optionsHengband11.11.2021 21:03smbhax228
83.0.0Alpha45 - optionsHengband11.11.2021 21:03smbhax229
93.0.0Alpha45 - birth optionsHengband11.11.2021 20:54smbhax215
103.0.0Alpha45 - classesHengband11.11.2021 20:52smbhax234
113.0.0Alpha45 - racesHengband11.11.2021 20:52smbhax222
12Drawing the story to a closeHengband26.7.2013 06:39Elliott946@aol.com944
13Holy crap, I might have been wrongHengband26.7.2013 05:38Elliott946@aol.com891
14Greatest BM Find EverHengband26.7.2013 05:29Elliott946@aol.com882
15Triple Play!Hengband6.8.2011 20:10chris1482
16Crush!Hengband31.10.2010 15:50chris1433
17Resist!Hengband31.10.2010 14:55chris952
18Vampires ...Hengband26.10.2010 20:05chris1585
19GCV in Tight Quarters (III)Hengband26.10.2010 18:44chris972
20GCV in Tight Quarters (II)Hengband26.10.2010 18:43chris1290
21GCV in Tight Quarters (I)Hengband26.10.2010 18:38chris1178
22Dragon SlaughterHengband18.10.2010 20:03chris1266
23Babble Destruction!Hengband6.10.2010 01:08chris1118
24OK, That's Much BetterHengband2.10.2010 16:49chris1342
25Fenghuang MountHengband30.9.2010 09:38kingvictory20031128
26Insane RandartHengband26.9.2010 02:15kingvictory20031071
27Approaching Death (Pt II)Hengband23.9.2010 21:44chris1306
28Approaching DeathHengband17.9.2010 20:38chris1106
29Coolest vault everHengband24.8.2010 21:07tatami@a.com1053
30Absolute Total Freakin' Power!!!!Hengband21.8.2010 00:35chris1086
31Annoying Reptile!Hengband2.7.2010 23:42chris1030
32Azog and Swimming Lessons!Hengband29.6.2010 02:41chris1039
33Oremorj!Hengband18.6.2010 03:26chris1190
34One at a time, please!Hengband18.6.2010 00:00chris1464
35Just Getting Started ...Hengband14.6.2010 21:28chris1233
36Total Power!Hengband12.6.2010 19:44chris1301
37Digging in for the Long HaulHengband3.6.2010 23:33chris1121
38How many times have YOU killed the ZSoC?Hengband11.5.2010 03:27dzhang@its.caltech.edu1616
39Huge Gigantic Level!!!!Hengband5.5.2010 21:01chris1509
40The RNG is taunting me... a second set of PDSMHengband4.5.2010 01:51dzhang@its.caltech.edu1523
41Circular ASC... how a non passwall character farms CyberdemonsHengband3.5.2010 18:44dzhang@its.caltech.edu1255
42I think I'll try again with a Chaos VortexHengband27.4.2010 17:06dzhang@its.caltech.edu1107
43Paradoxical randart weapon with huge bonusesHengband13.4.2010 02:32dzhang@its.caltech.edu1415
44Better than ZarcuthraHengband10.4.2010 03:40dzhang@its.caltech.edu1130
45Dustbowl Days ...Hengband9.4.2010 05:14chris1080
46Sky Drake Farm ...Hengband9.4.2010 01:34chris1085
47Living the good life Hengband8.4.2010 17:01dzhang@its.caltech.edu1310
48Insane Caster BootsHengband4.4.2010 04:35kingvictory20031432
49Venom Wyrms!!Hengband2.4.2010 15:42chris1136
50Lost CaawsHengband27.3.2010 14:10chris1114

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